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Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner Canary Yellow Jazz


Free Shipping! Boasting a unique swivel neck joint to navigate around furniture, the body of the Miele Vacuum Cleaner can be rotated for easy cleaning around obstacles. The incredibly agile Miele Jazz is able to lie flat against the floor to clean the most inaccessible spaces. The Miele Jazz sports a top rotary dial to make vacuuming a breeze! Simply turn the rotary dial to adjust the suction up or down depending on the situation. Whether you are vacuuming drapes, upholstery, throw rugs or bare floors the Miele S7 can be adjusted to the perfect suction setting. No guess work here, the Miele Jazz lets you know when to change your bag or if you have a blockage that needs to be attended to! Plug in the Miele Jazz into the wall once and enjoy the extra long 39.5 power cord and minimal re-plugins. The HEPA filter actually traps 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.3 of a micron. Dust mite feces and pollen are no match for the Miele Jazz! The Miele Jazz has an integrated 12-Foot Flexible Hose allowing you to clean your stairs, upholstery and more with ease. A hose lock prevents you tipping over the machine as you pull on you machine for more hose length. The All-rubber wheels prevents your Miele Jazz from scratching your bare floors as you vacuum. With the flip of a switch at your fingertips you can easily go from bare floors to carpeting or vice-versa! The Back of the Miele Jazz has been molded to store all three included accessories (Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool). Both the Hose Handle and Vacuum Handle are ergonomic for comfortable cleaning! The Miele Jazz comes with an integrated telescopic wand that stores right on the machine. The Miele Jazz has 8 Brilliant LED Lights at the front of the machine to brighten your path as you vacuum.

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Love my Miele!


I did lots of research before purchasing my last vacuum. Hearing that Dyson was so good I started there but got very worried when hearing the quality issues in the newer models. So I searched more about the Miele and liked what I saw so I went to a store to had them and tried it out and I thought it was great! The suction was just as good as the Dyson, the beater bar doesn't attack my carpet like the Dyson is said to do and I like that this has the ability to filter the air if needed. The filter is expensive as well but we have lots of allergies here so its important to us. The only thing I do not like about it is the bags are expensive but the bags get packed so tightly that I do not have to change the bags nearly as frequently as my hoover upright that I had. Maneuverability This is the Best part of this machine! It can almost dance with you as you vacuum! It took some time to figure out how to dance with it but overtime you discover how easy it is to get around just about anything because of the swivel head! Ease of Maintenance I have had this for over a year and haven't had any problem with maintenance. Its been a solid machine. The only thing I have changed so far has been the bag. Suction Performance The suction is excellent as well. It has the ability to had a light suction for curtains etc. but also a deeper suction for low pile carpets and hard floors. I was told to keep it on the deeper suction because it just picks up so much but with working with it the lighter suction does come in handy in certain situations. When we moved into a rental townhome I took the Miele to it and wow did it pick up all kinds of stuff. After a few times of a good vacuum though I felt as if the floor was finally deep cleaned. Versatility All the attachments are on the back of the machine and its not super heavy so steps are easy to do. The hose attachments stretch quite far so that makes things easy too. We have a 2 story living room and windows at the second story level. The vacuum is able to stay on the floor and the hose can stretch all the way up to the window sill so I can clean up there. Design The design is good, the only flaw I see is sometimes the attachments have a problem attaching to the back if not put in exactly correctly. Durability Haven't had a problem yet!



Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner Canary Yellow Jazz

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