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Miele G 2872 SCSF 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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Love my Meile! Best dishwaser to date.


Meile makes a truly quality washer. There are minor items that were probably dealt with in newer models but Meile tackles quality, environment and sturdiness head on. Noise Level This is not considered the quietest model but the noise level is barely audible. Far quieter than the almost top of the line washers from other brands. (The stainless steel interior multi level machines.) Cleaning Time The short wash is very quick. Miss placing something in and it is done before that last forgotten glass is in. The no heat dry takes longer but is very efficient. Loading Flexibility The lower rack is a bit clumsy if you want to place dishes in 2 rows. It requires alternating salad and dinner plates side by side. The upper level is set up for 2 rows of glasses and bi-level ladle/spatula area for the opposite side. Performance You do need to scrape off solids ahead if you do not want to clean the filter every day. That is the only drawback to the model that should be changed. Solids make their way to the filter and not out to the disposal. Design Beautiful and simple. Durability Meile's are built to last.

Lake Elmo, MN


Miele G 2872 SCSF 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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