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Miele Futura Classic Series G4275SCSF


Basket configuration FlexiCare Cutlery Tray Convenience Double WaterProof System Q 1 Acoustics ™ Satisfaction Guarantee Sensors AutoSensor Finishes Fully-Integrated, Prefinished Clean Touch Steel ™ Programs 6 wash programs Drying CleanAir ™drying system

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very sleek, modern well designed dishwasher.


This is the best dishwasher i have ever owned. there are a few small things that i wouldnt expect from such a high end appliance but it is overall a great dishwasher. Noise Level The Dishwasher is overall pretty quiet but the alarm when the dishwasher is finished is very load and repeats over and over until you open the door. I havent been able to find a way to turn this off. Its most annoying if you run the dishwasher before bed. It will beep consistantly all throughout the night. Cleaning Time The dishes come out pretty clean but it takes about 2 hours total for the dishwasher to finish cleaning everything. Its a bit long cleaning time for me. There is a quick wash that takes about 20 minutes but the dishes dont come out as clean as they do when you do a regular cycle time. Loading Flexibility There is plenty of room on the bottom of the rack for pots and pans. then there is a nice sice top rack but the best part is there is a 3rd small rack on the very top for silverwear that is flat and has grooves to hold each piece of silverwear seperat. Performance The dishes come out very clean but you have to use the rinse aid with it or sometimes theres a bit of soap residue on the dishes. the dishwasher also beeps a red light if you do not add rinse aid. Design It is a very modern attractive dishwasher. The bottons are hiddedn so they are not in plane sight and there is a nice rounded bar that goes across the dishwasher that looks very sleek. Durability It is a very durable dishwasher.

Auburn, CA


Miele Futura Classic Series G4275SCSF

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