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Miele Full Console Dishwasher w/Cutlery Basket - Stainless Steel


Basket configuration FlexiCare Plus Adjustable wine glass holder and cookware mode for increased flexibility and care. Cutlery Basket Newly designed cutlery basket offers flexibility and organization for up to 13 utensil settings. Convenience Delay Start Delay start allows programs to be pre-selected for up to 24 hours in advance ComfortClose Enjoy the effortless opening and closing of your Miele Futura dishwasher. And the comfort of a door that will remain open in any position desired. Perfect GlassCare When paired with the China & Crystal program, optimal cleaning results for your delicate glassware are achieved. Double WaterProof System Miele's "connect and protect" dual-waterproof system automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher in the event that a leak or blockage is detected. Q2 Acoustics Miele dishwashers are acclaimed as the most quiet and reliable on the market. For decades, millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed peaceful cohabitation in open floor plan homes with one, or two, Miele dishwashers running smoothly in the background. No unpleasant interruptions or the need to escape from the room, or even the house when you own Miele. With new advancements in technology and a very progressive manufacturing process, Miele has done it again - producing the quietest range of dishwashers in its history! The Miele acoustics rating system ranks the quietness of each new dishwasher product on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the quietest dishwasher available. Sensors AutoSensor Water temperature, water consumption and program duration will be adjusted based on the level of soiling automatically detected by the sensor. AutoSensor has the ability to not only add water to programs that need it, but to also reduce water to those that don't. Water Softener An automatic water-softening system reduces water hardness levels, creating a safe wash environment and better cleaning results. Clean Air Drying