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Miele Diamante Plus Series Built-in Dishwasher

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Excellent value within the Miele line


A little less complex than the Optima, I feel this is the best value for the long run. The  next model Optima includes a sliding valve in the washer pump, led display, sensor wash and turbo to speed up a cycle. This unit replaced a mid-level Hobart built Kitchenaid with a 35 year life. Simple controls and a long dependable appliance. But the cleaning difference was impressive. Everything sparkled like new when it came out. And of course, the Miele is not silent, but very quiet. The normal cycle takes about an hour and 45 minutes. This is longer. We run it about every three days. After the wash Mieles circulate cooler room air between the inner tub layer and the outer metal shell.  Moisture condenses on the inside and drains without added heat.  Everything is dry and shiny when we take them out. The slight learning curve to load everything efficiently and use the cutlery tray gets you better results for your efforts. With a 3/4" panel this unit is 22-9/16" deep. When the provided H frame is mounted to your panel and this affixed to the door you will notice a space. This 1/8" between the panel and door seems a poor fit. It prevents condensation and mold on the panel back, a problem with other manufacturers. Miele has put thought into these things- confidence building.  After the research this was up against a commercial Hobart LX30 off Craigs. So far we are completely happy and expect more years ahead.

Rochester, MI


Miele Diamante Plus Series Built-in Dishwasher

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