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Miele Capricorn Canister Vacuum

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Miele CAPRICORN in the smoothest ,best handling vacuum we sell


We sell 30 plus vacuums a month in our Virginia Beach store and by far the easiest to pull around and handle is the Miele. The Simplicity is more powerfull, but if you dont have wall to wall carpet and a lot of pets you cannot go wrong with the Capricorn. It is so quite and smooth -rolling on hard wood floor that it actually makes vacuuming fun!. Also,If you have allergies or just like a cleaner house, the Miele is one of few vacuum that emit ZERO particulates at .3 microns, making it cleaner running than Dyson,Oreck or any other brand found in department type stores. we have an IQ AIR Particulate counter that proves only clean air comes out of the exhaust, no allergens!


Chesapeake, VA


Better than I imagined!


I bought this vacuum at the suggestion of my daughter's allergist.  At first, I thought the price was way too much, regardless of what the vacuum promised to do.  However, after using it for several months, I can't say enough!  I can actually vacuum in the same room as my daughter and the dust doesn't bother her.  The filter inside the vacuum does an amazing job at containing the dust.  You do not notice the exhaust smell as you do with regular vacuums.  I am also very pleased with how my floors look when I'm finished.  I bought the motorized head and the hardfloor attachment and would definitely recommend them to anyone.  I use the hardfloor attachment on tile, hardwood, vinyl and Pergo and am very pleased with the results on all floor types.  I find that the bags generall last about a month, but I suspect they would last longer if we didn't have a dog.  It took me a while to get used to the canister style vacuum.  I had always used uprights and it seemed clumbsy at first.  Now, I prefer this style and find it much more maneuverable.  Definitely worth the money!


Corning, NY


Miele S5981 Rocks


When my insurance company began quizzing me about the value of my home furnishings during a policy update,  I swear to you that my Miele vacuum was one of the first items that popped into my head.  Because they are not inexpensive, I wanted to ensure that I would be able to replace this brand of vacuum above any other.  I have a marked attachment to it. This is not to say that I would not allow a full-time butler, for instance, to use it every day in my home, however, I'm forever sold on the Miele product. In short, they are: efficient, powerful, well-designed, exceedingly durable beyond any expectation, have excellent customer and product support via qualified centers, have reasonable accessory replacement costs, are relatively lightweight, maneuver very well, do not damage furniture/molding/items in which they bump or swivel against, have a long cord so that one is not constantly changing outlets, have appropriate and easily changeable vacuum accessories and, beyond that, come in some rocking colors!  The bags and filters are reasonably-priced as well, when one takes into account the amount and weight of debris they hold as well as the relative infrequency of changing them.  Con: they are expensive investments as compared to other vacuum brands.  They are, however, well worth it.  Keeping house and vacuuming are difficult enough to do, or to find time to do, not to have the job done very well, efficiently well, and powerfully well.


Harrisonburg, VA


Miele Capricorn Canister Vacuum

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