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Built-In Dishwashers
Miele Built-In Dishwasher

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You don't even know it's running.


I'm an appliance abuser because I used to be in the repair business and can fix them myself, so if I break something- who cares?  I can just get the parts and do the job without paying for labor.  I've had Miele dishwashers for 15 years- put one in every house I've ever lived in- and I've lived in this house the longest- six years so far.  This model replaced the bottom-of-the-line GE that the builder put in.  It's still going strong.  I don't clean the filter anywhere near as often as I should- I think I've done it twice in the six years I've had it- and I still get clean dishes every time.  I finally have to replace the soap/rinse aid dispenser after I spent six years overfilling it and banging on it with my fist to get it to close.  If it can survive ME, it can survive anything.  And it's sooooo quiet when it's running.  The only noise eminating from it is a gentle swish-swish of the water so there's never any having to talk over the noise when you have people in the kitchen. 

Sicklerville, NJ


Quiet, reliable appliance...


Highly recommended, easy to install, extremely quiet.  Has many optional finishes as well as custom panel option to match your kitchen cabinetry.  The custom cabinet installation was also very easy to complete and allows the dishwasher to become invisible with the cabinetry.  Removable foot board allows for easy cleaning under the machine... Dishes come out always clean.  Top drawer is a cutlery organizer and keeps all the cutlery from touching each other resulting in spotless cleaning.   Would highly recommend this machine...

Fort Myers, FL


Miele Built-In Dishwasher

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