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Midland WR 300 Weather Radio

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Does its job with ease


My husband owns this Midland WR 300 Weather Radio, and we are beyond satisfied with it. It was very easy to set up and understand, especially compared to other weather radios we have owned. The display is clear, and it is user friendly. We were able to set alerts for our county as well as surrounding counties. It never failed to alert us during inclement weather. The alarm is not too obnoxious (as we experienced with other radios) and yet it adequately did the job of alerting us. The price is reasonable also. The unit itself is sturdy, and it is just the right size, not taking up too much room. All three weather radios that we have owned have been manufactured by the Midland company, but of the three, this is our favorite radio due to its simplicity, effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use. I would recommend this if you are a weather nut or even if you just wanted to be prepared for bad weather.

Lagrange, OH


MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio - Great Weather Radio


The weather in our area has changed in the last few years with an increase in severe storms and tornado warnings/watches. I researched weather radios and found this brand had a high rating on several sites. I am pleased with how easy it is to set up and the functions it offers. It is an affordable radio. If you are in the market for one, you really need to consider this radio. You can pick the audible alerts you want, has battery backup, convenient size, LCD backlighting display, AM/FM/clock/alarm, ability to set for certain counties or all in your area, voice or siren alert, can test/review alerts, no reception warning, receive test signals broadcast by NWS and accessory jacks.

Oxford, OH


Midland WR 300 Weather Radio

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