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Microsoft Xbox Premium (20 GB) Console

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Xbox 360 - Love and Hate relationship


I've had an Xbox 360 for about 2 years now. I'd say it's a love/hate relationship. When it works, I have crazy amount of fun! The multiplayer is much better than the ps3 (I have both) and the exclusives are worth getting this consoles for. The hate part of the relationship comes from the fact that you have to pay for Xbox live and that I currently have the "open tray" error. To remedy this error, I literally have to smack the top of my Xbox 360 with the controller so that the console actually reads my game. I would say that the error rate for this console is the biggest issue than anything else. Also, buying used games is much cheaper than buying used games for the Playstation 3. Not sure if it's because more people have Xbox 360 and that there is a higher supply or what, but whenever I go look for used games, I find them much cheaper. Overall, this console is great! I would suggest it over any other console

Van Nuys, CA


Perfect Xbox for gamers who want the quality for a lower price.


where the xbox was amazing but rough around the edges, the xbox 360 fixes a lot of shortcomings of the original version of the microsoft xbox.  This is the ideal xbox for the light gamer who wants to play with the latest technology and graphics but doesnt need a lot of space to store a lot of memory.  Although you have to pay to play online for a service called xbox live and the ps3 you dont, the xbox is established online and offer a higher quality of gameplay online.  This xbox is cheaper also because its a 20 gb version and is designed more for a light gamer.   You might want to buy a extra hard drive to support more memory if you are a gamer that want to store more music or saved game data.  I have an xbox and i enjoy playing on it because the graphics are amazing and they have been said to be slightly better than that of the ps3.  On the downside this version has had more events of the the dreaded "red ring".

Tampa, FL


Microsoft Xbox Premium (20 GB) Console

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