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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Microphone (works with LIPS, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc)

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My family really likes to sing, so I've decided to buy two of these microphones so we could play some karaoke on our Xbox 360 Slim console. I think these microphones are the best out there to play Lips on Xbox. They are wireless, so you can sing anywhere and are not limited to the cable's lenght. They're awesome for families and parties with your friends. This microphone and the game Lips are the perfect combination for parties. If you plug this microphone into your Xbox and run Lips everyone will be hooked in front of the TV and won't stop until late night. I have only one problem, the batteries don't last long. It seems like it eats all the batteries in a couple of hours. But that's no big deal really, the batteries aren't that expensive, everybody can afford some AA batteries or buy rechargeable ones for a couple of bucks more and recharges them using an appropriate charger. This microphone is awesome. Especially if you have more than one.

Houston, TX


it's an ok item


This Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless microphone is alright. The microphone in terms of functionality is alright, but my question is when exactly do you need this? The only time it is really necessary (and that's really pushing it) is when you play Rock Band or Guitar Hero. And, those two games are quickly dying. One of them just recently got the plug from its game developers, citing loss in interest from the public. So this microphone is going to be collecting dust on many people's system (it has at my home i'll tell you that). Also, i'm not sure if the wireless was really necessary. I would have paid less for a wired one over a wireless microphone. I played Rock Band on another console system where the microphone was long and wired. I did not feel that there was a need for wireless at all. Again, for an item that's barely ever used, paying less is better. I would also like to add that in those audio games, the person singing really has no role ie the role of the singer is not important at all.

South Pasadena, CA


Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Microphone (works with LIPS, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc)

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