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Microsoft XBOX One Assassin's Creed Holiday Bundle with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare & Accessories


Make this holiday a special one with this amazing bundle!

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I love this console


This is great I play with my friends a lot and we never get tired we always have things to play and we are always not having to pay for online play we only got to pay for games which i m OK with the console looks good it sounds good and it is just good overall


Cincinnati, OH


Convenient and Enjoy


This already comes with its arsenal of fun, besides being convenient, this console that is very good option to start a life of player and enjoy what that entails. Enjoy and be happy




Definitely worth the money


Xbox one is a great video game console. Add to that the games that are available with this bundle and you got yourself a deal. Call of duty is okay. Assassin's Creed is a lot of fun. One thing that is missing is the kinect. I love the voice control that comes with kinect. Makes using the system easy even for my mom. Would definitely buy again. The extra controllers allows for the whole family to participate. The charging station for remote controls is awesome. They work with no issues what so ever. It comes with an hdmi cable. Kind of short if you have a nice setup far away. So i recommend buying anl longer one. If console is close to television then it works fine. Headset is basic nothing fancy, but it works. If you are a casual gamer then it works perfectly. if you are a serious gamer look for something else. The xbox does run a little warm, but fan isnt noticeable when playing so no issues there.


Los Angeles




it's very nice




Such an awesome set!


This brings nice games like Assassins Creed. It's pretty much worth buying because games are included.


Homestead, FL


How can you not win with this bundle?!


I asked for an Xbox for Christmas this past year and my mom knew I loved playing Call of Duty Black Ops II so she got me this bundle pack. I am an absolute fan. I couldn't have asked for two better games to play. First of all, this system was extremely easy to set up. When it came time to install and set up this system, I simply had to plug in the power source in the back of the system, connect a few color coded cables to my television set for audio and video and then connect my Xbox to my Wifi. Set up was a breeze for me. After setting up my system, it did take about a half hour or so for it to update. I was under the impression a brand new system should be set up and ready to go, but apparently Microsoft had tons of glitches and bugs that needed updated and patched. None of this was at any cost to me so I can't complain much. None of the components of Xbox are compatible with Xbox One so that was a little bit frustrating, however, the bundle backs take care of that issue immediately. My bundle kit came with three awesome games, an HDMI cable, a charger for my controller, a controller, a controller skin, and a headset. It also had all the necessary hookups. The games required some updating. I had to wait an additional 20-30 minutes before being able to play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare because it took a while to update map packs, unload map packs, etc. I feel like the processor speed wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The big bonus of this system is the online play now allows you to play all of your applications for free without the need for Xbox live. Of course, I play live with Call of Duty because it just isn't as fun playing offline. I am enjoying benefits of watching movies and such on my system now for free. The game offering with this bundle is great. Assassin's Creed has tons of game play and time and Call of Duty has taken over my evenings after work. I think they definitely did a great job of picking out all the necessary accessories and picking out games that would entice avid gamers into purchasing this bundle pack.




Loading is very fast


My son received this Microsoft XBOX One Assassin's Creed Holiday Bundle with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare & Accessories last year in the month of November and he was quite happy to own an Xbox after having a PS4 earlier. This product is useful to the entire family as we all get together and watch movies, play games, and also request on demand videos by using just one device. The Call of Duty game is my son's favorite one and he keeps playing it all day. The product comes with a 1TB memory space of which some GB is preoccupied but still 750GB is actually more than enough compared to the number of games my son owns and so he is carefree about the space he consumes by storing all his recent purchased games. After he has stored about 6 games, he still has occupied only 200 GB in total which is quite enough for him. The games load pretty fast with this device and the graphics are just awesome for a gaming console.




Microsoft XBOX One Assassin's Creed Holiday Bundle with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare & Accessories

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