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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS

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Use you iPhone


While I'm sure that in 2008 when the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS was released, it was countless times better than the map features available on the iPhone and other smart phones. Today, don't waste your money on something like the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS when there are countless aps out there that will not only provide you with all of the same information and more for free (or at least a fraction of the price). Unfortunately, the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS is a little outdated and does not have some major updates on roadways that have come about over the past seven years since this was first released. I will say that the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS does offer some additional destination information that is not available with most basic and generic GPS programs. Ease of Use The Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS is fairly user friendly, even if you are not the most tech savvy.



Microsoft Streets and Trips is Outdated


This program is very outdated with smartphones and hand held GPS systems. It was wonderful if you one had access to a computer and an inverter in your vehicle. The map program navigated well, although it wouldn't always recalculate when I made a change to the route

Valparaiso, IN


Wish it was blue tooth.


I have only used it a couple of times but each time i use the GPS it gets me to where i want to go. I wish it was bluetooth so i didnt have to have a wire hooked up to it but i'm sure it would be to much to buy if it came that way. i comes with streets and trips 2008 which i like but i wish it updated nearby places over the Internet so i could always find what i'm looking for. maybe if you could install an attachment to goolge to upload all places along your rout or something.

Taylors, SC


Streets & Trips is amazing!


I just purchased an used copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips. I love it!! I used to struggle with online mapping services like Mapquest and Google maps, but I don't have to anymore! I love this software because it was easy and fast to install. It's decently priced, even a new version. Streets and Trips is so easy to use. You just click on the car icon and enter a starting and ending address and press "Get Directions". It's as simple as that. I love that I can add 50-60 stops and it will easily and efficiently navigate me to my next stop. I also love that I can put the addresses in the software and then adjust them to make a more suitable route. Streets and Trips works without having to be connected to the internet as well. So I just put in all my stops and then bring my laptop with me in the car and it tells me where I'm going. It doesn't freeze and erase my route unlike Mapquest and Google. The only thing I wish I could change with the software is the speed at which I can change the order of the stops. It's a slow, tedious process.

Ontario, CA


I wont travel without my microsfot trips and streets


I love microsoft streets and trips. My husband and I bought it the first time we went to florida about 4 yrs ago. I will not take any long distance trip without it now, It tells you if there is construction you need to avoid and can reroute you from current position. should you come up on construction that was not in the updates for it. It allows you to search your route for rest stops, resturaunts broken down by food groups such as fast food etc gas stations, and more. It also can give you other information such as calculating your trip gas expense, how long it will take you to get there and more. You can set the map to show keep your position centered, rotate map to follow travel direction or use dynamic turn view. You can adjust the map view to bring it in closer such as 3 miles or you can take it out to 40 or 200 miles or more. I recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of traveling. You do need a netbook or laptop to go with it. We found the netbook works much better as the screen is a bit smaller and takes up less room but it is still bigger than the tom tom and those types of gps units. We also bought a mount specifically made for our type of vehicle from Ram mounts. which is removable when we are not traveling. It takes up little room and keeps the gps where the driver can see the map and hear the voice directions.  We just now purchase the 2009 version of microsoft streets and trips. The software will update the road construction etc for years. You do not need to buy a new version every year. The main thing with microsoft streets and trips is there is no monthly fee like you get with on star and some of the others. For the person who takes 2 or 3 trips or less a year micrsoft streets and trips is perfect. It also lets you reroute from current position so if you get off an exit for gas or food and forget which way to go to get back on the route you can tell it to reroute from current position. You do need to watch the gps sensor and make sure it does not get bounced around too hard or too much as it will lose connection from the usb port. When your not using it place it back in the plastic container and then in your glove box to keep it protecte and in good working order. We always update before we start the trip so it has all the current road construction and detours, only once in the years we have been using it did we find and exit was closed. We went to the next exit and told it to reroute us from there the exit on the other side was open so microsoft steets and trips took us back to that exit and into the destination we wanted. It will start telling you in 3 miles take ramp left and it will continue down to so many yards to tell you to take ramp left or turn left or right. If you need to have it repeat you just push the space bar and it will repeat the spoken directions. It is easy to find the things you need on the road with microsoft streets and trips, when we get to between a half and quarter of tank of gas one of us tells it to look for gas stations and it will show us a list of several and how far they are before we get to them same with food or rest areas. When you calculate your trip you can tell it to add rest stops and set them for a certian amount of time such as 15 minutes or a half hour every 3 hours etc. When it calculates your trip time it includes your built in rest stops. I like the calculator for trip gas and what it will cost you as well. That is a great feature. It also allows you save your trip for later use, which is also a great feature as we visit friends and family in NC a couple times of year. It will tell you your speed and altitude. I just love this gps program one of the few things microsoft actually got right!! It does require an inverter for long trips as your laptop or netbook battery will only last so many hours. The inverter allows us to plug into the cigarette lighter and plug the netbook or laptop into the inverter. You can also plan for quickest route or stay off major highways for your trip. I prefer the quickest with the interstates but it allows you set your choice of travel as far as road type, interstate or local roads. I even used it when I took my mother an hour south of us for her eye surgery. I will absolutely not travel without it. It makes finding places so much easier. There is no need to be counting redlights, miles, or watching for landmarks it will tell you in .5 miles reach your desitination, in .3 miles turn  right or left and reach your destination.  I will always have microsoft street and trips.

Towanda, PA


Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS

3.6 5