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Microsoft 6000 Wireless Mobile Mouse

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Works well, very durable


Seems to work pretty well. Sometimes I have trouble with the wireless connection, but that could my own computer acting up. Durability Considering I've dropped it many times and it's still working great, I'd have to say it's very durable. Design The side buttons for navigating back are pourly placed and not easily felt without having to look at the mouse.



Microsoft 600 Wireless Mobile Mouse is very user friendly.


I am quite fond of the Microsoft 600 Wireless Mobile Mouse. I have been using it for some time after it was given to me as a gift and it is very user friendly. For me to be content with it, a computer mouse must fit comfortably in my hand and the buttons must be easy to push but not so sensitive to the touch that I have to try not to push them. A good computer mouse, in my opinion, must also glide along a surface (in this case, a mouse pad) easily and be able to go where I want it to go. The Microsoft 600 Wireless Mobile Mouse does all that and more! It's been a good little computer mouse and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. So far, the Microsoft 600 Wireless Mobile Mouse has had a long battery life and has been working very well with minimal maintenance required. Wireless "mice" are much more convenient than ones with cords and this Microsoft 600 Wireless Mobile Mouse is very convenient.

San Antonio, TX




I like this mouse.  It is wireless and there is no chord to get in your way.  The only problem is that you do need a battery and if your batter starts to die the mouse starts to not want to work.  One of the pluses is that it is made by microsoft so that you know it is compatable with all non mac computers.  it would be better if there was a way to recharge the battery inside of the mouse instead of having to buy a whole different batter every time that it dies.  all in all this is a good mouse.

Huntington Beach, CA


Mobile Mouse 6k!


I got this mouse to match the Logitech S510 and it's doing perfectly fine~ Battery life wise it's great it lasts at least a good 3-5 months. There are 2 buttons that can be programed via the Microsoft mouse software, the buttons are concealed next to each of the left and right click buttons. (Generally I dont really use them because their so well hidden xD) The USB Reciever it comes with is the really small micro-adapter. Wireless range wise it reaches really far, the mouse itself has a good track laser because of Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology as described it works on any surface. I myself have tested that it works on most if not all surfaces, So far I tested it on Wood Metal a rug and a glass surface all worked pretty well. The only concern I would like to point out for this wireless mouse is that the middle click wheel breaks fairly easily if you over use it like I do. I had to get a replacement from Microsoft but all in all service for the product and from microsoft itself was very good. In conclusion I love this mouse for it's size and how well it works anywhere. So if you need a compact mobile wireless mouse I suggest you get this one.

Brooklyn, NY


Microsoft 6000 Wireless Mobile Mouse

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