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Microsoft 6000 Wireless Laser Mouse

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Absolutely wonderful mouse; easy to use, and looks good too!


Got this mouse to help with all computer programs and games; needed a mouse with more buttons due to troubles using both hands, and this mouse delivers. I liked it so much, we bought 4 more! They are being used on our three computers and one went out as a gift to a family member. Everyone who uses this mouse has given it top stars!! It is definately a user friendly mouse, and all buttons and scroll wheel are able to be assigned to any task as well.

Huntsville, AL


No more wires!


This wireless mouse has been working exceptionally well along with the wireless keyboard.  My only serious complaint is that you need very good line-of-sight with the receiver in order for it to work smoothly.

Lusk, WY


Smooth and in Control!!!!


Hello Everyone, I would just like to take up a moment of your time and talk with you about the new microsoft wireless mobile mouse 6000. This is a great purchase, it is smooth easy gliding, soft click, and has a small wireless USB plug that you won't even know that it is there. I purchased one for my laptop and now that I have a desktop I had to purchas another one, to have with my desktop. I come with a CD, so that you can personalize the sensitivity to your needs. It is easy and simple to install, just plug in the wireless USB that is provided and turn on the computer, it will automatically locate it and your are ready to click away. This is a great purchase, number one because it is wireless, it privides a small USB, that is not big and bulky, and provides the roll button on top as well as the original buttons as well as extra buttons on each side if you perfer those. I has all the bases cover, and you will have a pleasant experience using your new mouse. I would highly recomment this to anyone who spend long amounts of time on the internet clicking away. Thank you for reading my review, and let me know what you think. Have a wonderfuld day.  

Bardstown, KY


Overall convenient but sometimes finicky


Microsoft's 6000 wireless mouse has been overall a very convenient replacement of our old wired mouse. It has been especially good for a lefty like me who always used to struggle with moving the cord around. However, the wireless mouse's signal isn't always the best and quite frequently (sometimes a couple of times a day) we have to search for a better signal to make the mouse work properly. The mouse has nice features such as zoom and scroll. Overall I would recommend it if cords are driving you crazy!

Fishers, IN


Free yourself from the hassle of wires!


This wireless mouse is small and fits nicely in hand (if you are right handed).  I love the magnifier feature.  The wireless mouse is like a magnifying glass that is held up to your computer screen.  Press and hold motion enlarges the selected area of your screen.  Receiver plugs into USB.  It works best when the distance between the receiver and the mouse is 6 feet or less. Batteries last about 6 months.   

Plant City, FL


Microsoft 6000 Wireless Laser Mouse

4.2 5