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Microsoft 3000 Comfort Optical Mouse

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Trusty and accurate!


I've had this mouse for quites ome time and it has been performing admirably. The chord is long enough and has never been an issue. The red light is really cool looking as well. The IR system insures much better accuracy and durability when compared to my old ball mouse. For you most basic needs this mouse should be perfectly fine for basic computer users and casual gaming. I have recently upgrade my mouse to a mx518 and this mouse has found a new job working with my laptop. Even though the laptop is of Apple origin the mouse is still working fine. The only gripes I would have with the mouse is that it can get fairly dirty but that isn't really the mouses fault. Just make sure to clean it now and than. The Standard two buttons click fine and the Roller wheel is awesome and totally a requirement for mice these days.

San Jose, CA


Other 'mice' pale in comparison


I love this mouse so much I will definitely buy another one just like it -- when and IF this one ever breaks! I've had this mouse for over five years, and my 18-month-old daughter has drug it around and beat it up -- and yet it still works perfectly. I like that it has the benefits of being optical -- no ball to clean gunk out of -- and yet it does have a cord, so it's more accurate than a wireless mouse. The cord is a nice long length so I can sit in any position I want with my laptop and still use it comfortably. I like using it with a desktop as well. It works on just about any surface -- if my daughter decides to play with my mouse pad, I just use the mouse on a book or even my pant leg, lol. Whenever I use a computer at work or someone else's house, I always think "Hmm, this mouse doesn't work as well as mine." The only downside I see is if you prefer the little-sized mice (mouses?) -- this is full size (fits under my whole hand).

Toledo, IA




First off, I want to say that I had this mouse for almost a decade, and it has never failed me once.. ok  I lied, it did get glitchy on me a few times BUT only for a moment or two. The mouse clicker was worn down so much, it doubled clicked whatever I clicked on a few times, but I fixed that by pushing up the clicker a little higher so it can expand it's lifespan. I am not an extreme gamer so I don't need an ultra sensitive and accurate mouse, but I do produce tracks, and this mouse has been very helpful and very useful.  I believe I got this as a high school graduation gift, yeah I know it's lame, but the point is, it has been with me all these years which is approximately seven years I believe.     This is quite a mouse, I believe there is no cons regarding this mouse because it works almost just as brand new. Although, I am planning on getting a new mouse sometime in the near future because of the selection of different sizes. So on that note, the only downside of the mouse is the size because it is a little bulky, but you get used to it. 

Waco, TX


Microsoft 3000 Comfort Optical Mouse

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