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Micro Innovations
Micro Innovations Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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I am surely satisfied with my Micro Innovations wireless keyboard. This keyboard is allot cheaper than other keyboards and it comes with a mouse. Instillation is simple and you get a receiver to place anywhere so that you get the distance that you want. It's great for a computer that you have connected to a TV and then you can just sit back on your couch and use the computer at the same time from a long distance away. It's not the greatest wireless key board and wireless mouse out there but it's the most affordable one of which I know of. It does have some trouble, like it uses up the batteries to quickly on the wire less mouse. The battery dies with in one week but it is best to have rechargeable batteries. It also saves a bit of energy by turning off after it hasn't been used for about a minute. When that occurs you just have to click the button on the mouse so that it would wake up when you are ready to use it again.

Everett, WA


Don't buy it. I'm returning mine.


I purchased the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Model # Kb985W.  After one full day of use, the shift keys stopped responding, and the mouse stopped working properly (had to click several times to get it to respond).  I replaced the batteries, and still didn't help.  When trying to install the drivers with the CD that came with it, the system indicates it has TRoj_ZLOB virus.  When I tried to install the drivers from their website, I got the same virus again.  Recommend finding a different product.  

Benson, AZ


I can type from anywhere!


I have a large family and its great to be able to move around so everyone can see the computer.  It really comes in handy when we are all trying to read email or look at pictures from family we havent see in a long time.  It makes it really easy to do what I need to with my daughter on my lap and she cant turn my screen off!  The wireless keyboard and mouse is very handy and convienent for everyone.  It all works the same as wire keyboards and mouses so there is nothing to learn and its easy to install.  It comes with a desk and step by step instructions that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Clinton, AR


Micro Innovations Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

3.7 3