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Micralite TORO Standard Stroller - Black

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Best all around stroller!


This was the best purchase when we had our first child. It was also the only thing that we splurged on. We knew we would most likely have two children so we wanted a stroller that would last us through the infant to preschool age twice. Both of our children were riding in this stroller when they were just a few days old. It has three adjusted places...flat, half way inclined, and upright. For when they were infants, we used the flat adjustment. When they got older, we used the other two adjustments. When they get sleepy, you can quickly and easily adjust it down to the flat adjustment without disturbing the baby. With the two pneumatic wheels on the back, we have taken this stroller "off roading" and it allows for easier maneuvering as well. It has a five point harness which is great for keeping the child safe. It folds up fairly easy, but you do need two hands free to do that. It comfortably seats an infant up to at least a 35 lb preschooler and probably larger. My children fight over who gets to ride in this stroller...it is that comfy. The basket is a good size...not too small, but not too big. You need to empty the basket when you fold it up. One thing that I was disappointed with was that it does not come with a cup holder or anything. We bought a generic cup holder, catch all thing to hang from the handles. It can be a bit bulky if you are trying to fold it up out of the way at a restaurant, but that has only happened a couple of times for us. We have been rough on this stroller and not one thing has broken. It still looks brand new except the tires look a little worn and dirty. If you do run this stroller through a mud hole, you can pop off the pneumatic wheels and put them in a bag before loading it into your car. Our stroller came with a cold weather sleeve that you put up over the child's legs. It worked great with our children in keeping them warm. I do wish the canopy was a bit larger. When the seat is reclined fully, the canopy doesn't shade them well. We bought rain and sun shade attachments, which have been marvelous! You can take your child out in the rain. There are also other neat attachments such as the rolling stand on platform for a small child to ride on the back. The carseat adaptor is a neat attachment as well, but we didn't need it. Overall, I am very pleased that we bought this stroller. It has been our only stroller through two children with the exception of a double stroller that we used for just a few months and only for a few occasions where my oldest couldn't walk a long distance. I much prefer this stroller to the double stroller any day! Design Love the design. It does have a few flaws. The canopy needs to be larger or movable. It doesn't have a cup holder. Safety Great 5 point harness system. Child Comfort My children fight over who gets to ride! Maneuverability Great turning capability. Durability Owned and abused for 4 years and it still looks great. It is still like new!



Micralite TORO Standard Stroller - Black

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