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Michelle LeMay

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Complete Body stretch routine by Michelle LeMay eases my stress.


I recently watched a show on the FitTv channel called All Star Workouts.  Last week FitTv showed a Complete Body Stretch routine by Michelle LeMay. I recorded the show while doing the stretch routine.  What a workout. I have a lot of stress in my life and have a lot of trouble sleeping.  I though stretch is relaxing so why not try it and if I liked it I hade it recorded to use over and over agian. The Complete Body Stretch routine was so relaxing.  Not only are you stetching, but Michelle LeMay shows you how to give yourself a full body massage while performing the stretches.  I felt so good after this routine.  My body and my mind were relaxed.  I have been doing this routine everyday since I recorded it.  I was sore the next few days after first doing the workout.  It was good though because I knew it was working. I liked this routine so much I went on line and found other Stretch routines by Michelle LaMay.  I found two DVD's that looked like they will be precfect for me.  I have put them on my Christmas List.  The two DVD's are called Michlle LeMay Spirit Flow- 7 Essential Stress Relievers and Michelle LeMay Spirit Flow- Rejuventaing Core Stretch. I feel that I have been truly blessed to have found the Complete Body Stretch routine by Michelle LeMay.   This routine relaxes me and I am calm throughout the day.  Best stress reliever I have used in a long time. If you have stress and need to relax, I highly suggest giving the Stretch Routine by Michelle LeMay.    

Buffalo, NY


Michelle LeMay

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