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Michelina's Lean Gourmet

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I Reccomend


This a Wonderful choice if. You are make a licestyle change of how you eat Simply Wonderful

Harvey Illinois


I will not be using tjis product


Cooked 2 last night, the first one tasted bad the 2nd one had mold in it

Virginia beach, va




So far I have not had any of the Lean Gourmet dinners I have not liked. My only complaint is the packaging. Very difficult to get the top off the dinners. Would be nice to have a different kind of package.

Sacramento, CA


Convenience comes cheap


When I first saw Mitchelina's brand lean gourmet meals I was a bit under impressed by them. Maybe it was the price. I honestly didn't think a ninety seven cent meal would be too tasty. I was wrong though. Because I don't often eat the same foods as the rest of my family - and I like to eat simple foods that are easy and quick, I picked up a bunch of them. This one is probably one of my favorites. Suprisingly, the portion size is satisfying. The alfredo sauce is creamy and flavorful - although, a shake of black pepper wouldn't hurt. The noodles are cooked just right and the chicken chunks - although few - are very tender. It's especially good to take to work to save on eating out. I would recommend that you look at the ninety seven cent price as a blessing and try them anyway, you probably won't regret it.



Surprisingly Satifsfying


Michelina's Lean Gourmet meals are a really good choice for me. I work at a desk all day and my biggest temptation is to eat and eat and eat. Michelina's meals are great because they are pre-portioned. If you're on Weight Watchers, which I am, they are perfect. This particular flavor is very good. It's not like eating an alfredo from a restaurant, but it still tastes good. If I take a minute after I finish to think about how full I am, I realize that I'm actually very satisfied by the amount of food the meals provide. I recommend it.

Provo, UT


Pleasantly surprised


As someone who has never eaten any sort of frozen meal before, I was pleasantly surprised with the Michelina Lean Gourmet entrees. As soon as I became pregnant I craved high sodium/protein-rich foods, so these were a good lunch option, without eating too horribly. :) The taste was amazing. The pastas taste like they are from a restaurant and the asian sesame chicken tasted just like take-out. The portion is just the right size for a lunch (combined with some fresh fruit and veggies), and they are much less expensive than other frozen entrees. I will definitely be trying more varieties and recommending them to all my friends/colleagues. The only disappointment is how long it takes to cook (when a pregnant lady is hungry, she needs to eat NOW) but there's probably nothing they can do about that.

Dane, WI


Not Just for Dieters


I bought a bunch of Michelina's Lean Gourmet frozen meals when they were on sale in my grocery store for the benefit of my daughter who is dieting. Needless to say, my youngest, who is a teenager, decided to "snack" on one and she was hooked. Skinny girl (lucky her!), but she loved the taste and so I tried the Alfredo one. It was absolutely scrumptious! Never would have guessed it to be "lean" and certainly didn't taste like your typical frozen food "cardboard bland" dinner. There is not alot of food in these dinners, so don't expect to pile a plate high when you buy these, but even if the portion sizes are small, they are adequate and certainly more than enough to satisfy a dieter (or anybody else) for lunch. Topped with a salad, they could even pass for dinner. And the taste will more than make up for the lack of any bulk. In fact, they'd be a great "snack" for anybody who might want to choose something, ANYTHING nutritious over a cookie or candybar! Not a huge variety, but hopefully the manufacturer will expand this line of product because they definitely have something positive here!

Derry, NH


Michelina's Lean Gourmet

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