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Michelin - Latitude Tour

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Great all season tire


This is a great all season tire, it works well in snow as well as rain, so you won't have to have another set of tires just for the winter time. With a long tread life on these tires you don't have to buy new ones as often as you might another brand. Very durable and long lasting, I've been through construction areas and never had a problem. We had road repair for 6 months in a high traffic area, one I drove through every day, and I didn't have any flats. Its also great that it handles well when you make turns, it really grips the road and doesn't skid or slide even a little. It is quiet at highway speeds, so you don't have to turn your radio up loud to hear over the whir of the tires, which I especially love about these tires. These tires make me feel safer and more secure when I drive around with my kids in the car. I feel confident that even with a blowout, the other tires would keep me driving straight and not jerk my vehicle sideways.

Fort Knox, KY


I had no idea great tires could make such a difference!


I am not much of a car person, so I thought tires were tires.  I can't begin to tell you how wrong I was, better tires make such a difference.  I drive alot since I am in school, and live about four hours from my family so good tires are a necessity.  I always knew to keep my tire pressure at optimum levels, but since I replaced my old worn out tires...WOW.  I did a lot of researching before I purchase my replacements, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  I feel like I just bought a new car.  The noise level(which I didn't know was caused by the tires) is GONE, I had no idea my car could drive so quietly.  It handles much better in rainy conditions, and it rides so smoothly it feels like I'm riding in a luxury sedan rather than my sporty SUV. I absolutely love my Michelin Latitude Tour tires, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their tires!  They have worked wonders for my driving experience in my Ford Escape!!

Raleigh, NC


Can't wait until I can get these tires off my suv


Sorry, but I give these tires a 2. They are stiff, bumpy and noisy. I can't wait to get these off my 07 Rav4. I've never had an opinion on tires before, but it's hard to ignore the shortcomings of this tire. I've always purchased Michelins too, so this is certainly a surprise.

Temecula, CA


Michelin tires - they really are better than the budget brands


As a Bzzagent, I was offered the chance to participate in a BzzCampaign for Michelin Tires.  I have had some recent experience with Michelin tires since my husband bought a Ford Escape that came with Michelin tires.  He is the primary driver of that vehicle, and he said that it's like driving on a cloud, especially compared to whatever brand tires were on his last vehicle.  I did get a chance to drive the new car on a road trip to Florida.  I drove a long stretch through a construction zone during some heavy rain.  I was nervous enough about driving a new vehicle, and the driving conditions didn't help.  Luckily I found that the vehicle handled very well, and I'm sure that the Michelin tires played a large part in that.  I felt like I had good maneuverability, which was important with the many lane changes necessitated by the construction.  I was easily able to stop, even in the rain.  The entire ride was very smooth, even in less than ideal road conditions. When we were looking at the Escape at the dealership, my husband commented on how good looking the tires were.  I asked him if he meant the wheels, and he said no, the tires.  They actually are pretty good looking tires, but the way they handle on the road is the most important thing.  We've had the car for six months now, and so far, the Michelin tires are performing very well.  I feel confident that when it comes time to replace the tires, we will invest the extra money for new Michelins.  They are more expensive than some other tires out there, but in this case, you do get what you pay for. 

Franklin, TN


Pick these for your trip across the country


Had those put on my car after learning so much about tire safety from Michelin as part of a BzzAgent campaign. This made me go and check out their website. What a huge selection! Having checked my old tires,  I saw they were pretty bald. And I was going acrodd America on THOSE? I knew too much about safe driving to keep those so I had them removed and shopped for new oned! Felt totally confident in picking the right brand. The car runs great now - I have been to California and back to East coast  - never had a single problem. Highly recommended.

Indianapolis, IN


Michelin - Latitude Tour

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