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Micheal Graves
Micheal Graves Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

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Micheal Graves coffeemaker is great, even after 2 years of use


A couple years ago I was looking for a good, inexpensive coffeemaker for my home. After checking reviews online and through consumer reports, I decided to buy Micheal Graves Automatic drip coffeemaker. It was highly rated in consumer reports and through consumer reviews. I have been very pleased with it and after 2 years of daily use, we haven't had any problems. The design of the coffeemaker is great, it is visually pleasing and it functions well too. I really like that the water holder completely removes for easy filling and cleaning. You can fill it up at night and then program the coffeemaker to have your coffee ready to go in the morning. There are many other great features too, including a flavor boost option that really enhances the flavor of your coffee. Overall, I would say that this is a great coffeemaker at a very reasonable price. It is definately something that I would and have recommended to my friends and family.

Beaverton, OR


MAkes great flavorful coffee


This coffeemaker makes rich flavorful coffee!  The coffeemaker is easy to use and I love the bright blue shiny feature on the front (timeteller).  The pot itself is pretty easy to use and doesn't make a huge mess when dumping water in or out (of coffee).  A bit difficult when you are replacing the clear/plastic water container in the back of the coffeemaker, if it isn't placed exactly right, water leaks EVERYWHERE.  Even when you think you have it right, you might find a big mess by your coffeemaker. One other con that it seems like we are the only ones to experience is the hot plate (where the coffeepot sits on) corroded/rusted.  We ended up having to cut the plug off and send it in with a check of 9.95 back to Hamilton Beach for a replacement. Customer service was great to work with, but it was a pain to have to do that and I wish they would have waived the fee.  Overall, great coffee from a pretty good coffeemaker!

Normal, IL


Produces the best tasting coffee I've had yet.


While I do not absolutely love the design of the coffee maker I do not hate it either. I do love the coffee it makes though. There is always coffee brewing in my house everyday and this coffee maker really delivers. I do not care what it looks like as long as the brew is consistently good and keeps hot on the burner. I paid a bit more than I wanted to (but not by much) but if you drink coffee for the taste rather than the caffeine than this is good choice. It keeps the coffee nice and hot but not too hot, which prevents that bitter taste coffee develops the longer it sits. I just don't like having to slide it out from under my cabinet to put the coffee filter in and put the resevoir back once I have filled it with water. But like I said that not much to put up with if you are going to get a nice cup of coffee in return. 

St Charles, MO


very cool coffee maker


I have had the Michael Graves coffee maker for over a year. One of the things that impressed me when I first saw it was the design. This coffee maker is made a little of different from other ones. I love the water holder in the back of the coffee maker where you can just add the water. Make the coffee the night before I like do, set the time and wake up to fresh coffee the next morning. No wierd or loud noises while the coffee maker is making coffee. There is also a selection for the boldness or mildness of your coffee. I have had a lot of coffee makers over the years and I rate this one pretty high!

Woodstock, GA


Doesn't heat coffee hot enough, but easy to use and good coffee


Consumer Products said this coffee pot was the best because it heated coffee at the proper temperature, which gives coffee its taste.   I was disappointed, and coffee is barely hot enough to drink.  It has an easy to use water dispense, which is nice.

Punta Gorda, FL


I love this Micheal Graves coffee pot


We had another coffee pot that just did not brew good coffee anymore. I cleaned and cleaned it so after investagating, we found the Micheal Graves at Target.  It was the best cup of coffee I had in while. the price isn't bad either. I have to give it 5 stars. I had coffee pots that cost twice as much as Micheal Graves and I do have to confess, what a great cup of Coffee.

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Micheal Graves Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

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