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Mia Moda Viva

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Great carseat!


My husband and I first heard about the Mia Moda brand on the internet when we were searching for car seats when I was expecting our first baby. There were very little reviews on it at the time, but we decided to go for it and we're glad we did. The car seat is very attractive with a nice print on it. It is super comfortable and very padded for baby's comfort. The only con about this car seat is that it is a little on the heavy side. What we really love is that the Mia Moda Atmosferra stroller is compatible with this car seat so that it can turn into a travel system. The car seat and base fits very comfortably in the back of our Chevrolet Traverse with plenty of room so I'm sure it will work great in smaller cars as well. The handle bar is very comfortable to hold on to with a wide non-slip grip. Many people have never heard of Mia Moda but I've been spreading the word about this awesome company and their products and hopefully they will become more well known!


Huntersville, NC


Great value, safe and classic!


I purchased the Viva carseat because my husband and I fell in love with the Mia Moda Energi stoller and this made the travel set. It has held up rather well. We purchased the black and I have found that it does retain heat from my little dude. Black shows all the marks from spilt milk and food crumbs but it is super easy to take it apart and wash in the kitchen sink. I draped it over my faucet and it dried in a short amount of time. The seat is pretty much comparable in weight to other's on the market. Even though we moved Little Man to a convertible carseat due to his weight and momma's breaking back.. we still use the infant seat at 10 months to put him in during the evenings..There is something he likes about the closed in feeling that makes him pass out soon after being strapped in...I did notice when I washed it last that the styrofoam that is on the sides had broken but don't think it is in an area that would effect the safeness of the product.


Lees Summit, MO


Best for the price and nothing beats the quality


I am reviewing about Mia Moda Viva Infant Car Seat. Got this product for my two kids. First time around, it was so durable that began a loyalty to the brand.  After all my kids protection is very valuable especially under all the situations that is happening from careless and reckless driving.  First car seat was handed down to my second kid as well and I was impressed by the products durability and quality.  It has lasted my for good sold 3 years before I got to use it again for my second kid.  I was very impressed by the product, thus will recommend this to other new parents that we relate to.  My initial reason to get Mia Moda Viva Infant Car seat was because I was recommended to that brand to me by my older brother.  He was happy with his purchase for my nephew, so I figured, my brother who I trust a lot, trusts this product as much as he did, was definitely a no brainer when it came to purchase this product. My kids were comfortable, my wife was happy and felt satisfied to have my lil ones protected in the back seat.


Tarrytown, NY


Mia Moda Viva

4.0 3