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Mia Bella Car Air Fresheners

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I love these!


I came across the Mia Bella Air Fresheners in my local Walmart. I figured I would give them a try because I always love having air fresheners in my car. They had a huge selection of scents, which I was pleased about. I was able to keep it in my car for about two months before I couldn't smell it anymore! They lasted so long and they were very cheap and had a huge selection. I was very happy and I will buy again.




A car air freshener with amazing scents that last a long time!


I was given two **Mia Bella Car Air Fresheners** by my sister-in-law because I had tried another product, the [Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper Cleansing Bar][1] and absolutely loved the scent of it. She got them off of the Scent-Sations, Inc. website for $2.95 a piece. I was hoping that the fabulous scent of the cleansing bar would be just as effective in a car air freshener and it definitely was. **About Mia Bella **Mia Bella products are sold through Scent-Sations, Inc. that is primarily known for their scented candles but they also sell bath and body products as well as car air fresheners. **My Experience **Mia Bella car air fresheners look like the traditional hanging rectangle air fresheners that are sold in many stores. The difference between Mia Bella air fresheners and the others is the unbelievable long lasting scent. There are only two scents available at this time in the car air fresheners so I bought one of each. I purchased the Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper and the Fresh Apple scents. I hung the Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper one in my car but only opened the package about the size of a quarter. Just by opening it that little bit, I could immediately smell the fruity scent. I hung the Fresh Apple scent in my husband's car and opened it the same amount. The scent of fresh apples filled the car. After about a week and a half or so, I opened them just a bit more to replenish the strong scent. It has been about three weeks and the scent is still going strong. **My Final Viewpoint ** **Mia Bella Car Air Fresheners **smell amazing and last a long time. They are affordable and I definitely recommend this product. I give this product a ***4 star rating*** and would have went with 5 if they were available in more scents. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Mia-Bellas-Gourmet-Cleansing-Bar-review-cbb23


Somewhere in, NY


I love it . It works against my faimlys oders.


      I bought this on a wim. It works great. My husband is a painter so he smells like paint and other products he works with right after work and it works against them i smell the freash air not paint.  If it can stop those odders it can work for all most anything.


Corpus Christi, TX


Mia Bella Car Air Fresheners

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