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Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener

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Fabulous Wine Opener


I received this wine opener as a gift and it's been one of the best kitchen items I have. I was surprised at how little effort it took to remove the cork from the bottle the first time I used it. I have an electric wine bottle opener, but I prefer this because of its portability and the fact that I have limited counter space in my kitchen. Definitely recommend this item. Ease of Use It was a little difficult to figure out how to use it the first time, but once I was able to discover how it worked, I really appreciated the good design.



Love this wine opener, its a Stand out!


We've gone through many wine openers. We have been given various varieties of wine openers. We have broken various varieties of wine openers. We've also lost corks in wine bottles because the screw broke the cork. Yummy cork filled wine! My husband is an avid wine drinker so we often open a few bottles a month. This means that our wine openers go through a fair amount of work and strain. When I spied this opener at a discount retailer, I was intrigued. I had been doing research on wine openers in preparation for buying Christmas gifts. The Rabbit has a pretty good rating/history in terms of not failing or destroying the cork. I bought this for fractions of the retail price 2 years ago. It still works as good today as it did the day my husband first used it at Christmas dinner. You don't have to have the bottle tucked between your legs to get the cork out. Nor do you have to super strong. The bottle stands straight up, you put the top over the neck of the bottle, lift the handle, pull the handle down and pouff, out comes the cork - completely intact.

Wichita, KS


Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener

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