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MetroPCS - Slider phone Cell Phone

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The best plan for the price with the worst customer service ever


I don't know where they find their employees. I assume under a rock. It's a great plan as long as you never have to go into the store or speak to anyone by phone in their cust. serv. dept or have to pay your bill in person. You will wait for hours! I know this for a fact.

Winder, GA


metro pcs hooray no contracts!


I love to live my life freely and without contracts. i had a phone once and got butchered with a contract  even though I never used the phone. so this part is really nice. I can say I did have a surprise over the weekend in southern Ca. I am from Northern California. as soon as I got 40 miles out of my city, my phone was useless. I didn't know that this would happen. so here i am on vacation needing to call some family and freinds and it's impossible. i would only reccomend this phone to someone who lives thier life by routine and never travels far from home. It is also good for people who have bad credit like me, because you don't need a credit report, or background check or have to deal with any kind of contract. the monthly fee is also good. it's around 50 bucks a month. there are a limited number of places that you can pay your bill. they should have more metro pcs stores. they also pay for your first month with purchase of phone.

Pinole, CA


MetroPCS - Slider phone Cell Phone

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