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Wood & Furniture Polish
Method Wood For Good Polish

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Everything looks so new.


I'd like to start by saying it is an awesome product, super awesome. Wood polish that has no wax or any harmful chemicals for that matter. This non-toxic wood polish that brings life to the dull, worn off wooden furniture. I was surprised to see how beautifully this Method Wood For Good Polish covered the big buff I had on my coffee table. It was completely invisible. I use it all the time to rejuvenate my coffee table, dining table, dining chairs, the countertop, the cabinets and everything looks so new. This no-wax formula removes the dirt and brings shine on any wooden surface, leaving the nutty scent behind. I use it in conjunction with the Method good for wood daily cleaner for better results. Also, being environmentally responsible, Method has packaged this product in a recyclable bottle that is actually made up of 100% recycled plastic. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good wood polish with no harsh chemicals.




Another awesome Method product


Our family has been trying to incorporate more and more natural items into our lives. This includes cleaners. We were thrilled when we found Method's Wood for Good Polish as a natural wood polishing alternative to the chemical-fill petroleum-based wood polishes. This products works awesome in conjunction with the Method Wood for Good Surface Cleaner. First you clean the wooden surface with the wood for good cleaner and then you polish it with the Wood for Good Polish. It does an excellent job to really bring out the shine of the wood. We have used this product on our wooden bookshelves, end tables, coffee table, and shelves and have been really pleased with the results. The scent isn't too strong and doesn't give me a headache like non-natural cleaners do. If you are looking for a safer more natural wood polish I would really encourage you to try out Method's Wood for Good Polish. I don't think you're be disappointed.


Greer, SC


I am not a huge fan of the Method Brand


Method Wood for Good Polish does an adequate job of polishing wood, but in no way is it exceptional. It is also quite a bit more costly than other brands that have been around for a lot longer and are trusted by lots of people. I find that the impact of using this does not last as long, and wood does not stay protected nearly as long.






I love this product. Other furniture polishes have this fake lemon smell. This is a light almond scent. Smells wonderful. So good in fact my son asked mommy are you baking it smells really yummy in here. It not only smells divine it also works! We used it on our cherry kitchen cabinets made them look like brand new and no build up. It also makes me feel good that I'm not spraying harmful chemicals all over my house. Performance It not only smells divine it also works! We used it on our cherry kitchen cabinets made them look like brand new and no waxy build up. Scent It smells wonderful it leaves a light almond scent when you're done. So good in fact my son asked mommy are you baking something it smells really yummy in here!


Murfreesboro, TN


Method Wood for Good is Non-Toxic


When I started buying Method products a few years ago, I soon discovered their Wood for Good line up, and I have been using Method's wood cleaners for both my floor and my furniture. Their furniture cleaner is called Wood for Good, and comes in a delightful almond scent. The bottle is amber colored and holds 12 ounces. The sprayer nozzle only has two options, on and off. The trigger sprayer is comfortable to hold and use. The front of the bottle claims this is a non-toxic product for cleaning and dusting wood. Unlike some furniture polishers, Wood for Good does not contain any wax, so there is no build up on the surface of my furniture. This one is slightly different from other brands I have used in that I am instructed to shake the bottle before spraying the cleaner. The cleaner itself sprays out white, and is it sort of oily. I find it works best to clean going the direction of the wood grain. The first ingredient is glycerin, which I love, since it is used in many hand lotions. This cleaner will not dry out the hands! If you like the scent of almond, I think you will really enjoy using Method's Wood for Good. It doesn't leave quite the shine as other furniture polishes, but it does clean and leaves my home smelling wonderful.


Eagle River, AK


Furniture looks showroom quality


Method Wood For Good Furniture Polish-Almond is great for you, the environment and your furniture. I was in search for a natural furniture polish when I tried this product. I have quite a few antiques so I was surprised at the results this product delivered. A lttle goes a long way. The wood absorbed the product and the finishing result was a nice luster without any greasy film. Some of my antiques are a bit worn, however this polish revived each piece while adding a natural sheen and a newness. It's as if the antiques came to life. They look fabulous, showroom quality. The product has a pleasant almond scent. The fragrance lingers on a bit which is nice. I highly recommend Method Wood For Good Furniture Polish-Almond. If you are a consumer who is searching for a way to implement natural changes to your cleaning routine then this is a product worth trying. I realize that this product is a bit pricer than commercial products but remember you pay for quality and goodness. Method has many good products. You can have the kids dust the furniture knowing they will not be exposed to any harmful ingredients. A win win situation.


Saint Anne, IL


Great natural product for homes with kids and pets!


Method Wood for Good Almond Furniture Polish does a wonderful job of cleaning and polishing all of my wood furniture.  It leaves a light, clean scent and a beautiful shine on all types of wood.  I love the fact that it is made from natural products, so there are no chemicals to harm my family or my animals. The only con is that Wood for Good is a little expensive for a small amount of product.  However, I think its worth the extra cost to get a product you know is not going to harm people, pets, or the environment.  It comes in an easy to use spray bottle that allows you to control how much you use.  In contrast to the aerosol can that Endust and Pledge come in, Method allows you to spray the surface of a large piece of furniture several times, or just one squirt onto a cloth for dusting a wood picture frame. This is a product I buy over and over, as I love the ease of use, scent, and most importantly, natural ingredients.


Greenup, KY


Method Wood... all Method is a blessing


Method is such a blessing to the Ecology of this planet. Go Green.... We all need to go "Green"... this is the only planet we have, & when it is gone we are gone. Diseases caused by petroleum products is an "epidemic". We have to get back to nature, to nurture ourselves & nurture our planet. I don't have the words to impress on all of you how dire this planetary situation is. Please use Method products, & get rid of all the other toxic products out of your homes. They may be less expensive in the short run.... but damage they do to the people & pets is very expensive in the long run. Someone posted not for wood floors... they are wrong. This product is for "natural" wood be it floors or furniture. This product is not for Urethaned or varnished wood, it is also not for varnished or urathaned furniture. Thank you


Epsom, NH


Method Wood For Good Polish

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