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Method Refresh Mint Hand Wash

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Method Mint Hand Wash smells great and works!


I have tried almost every single scent of Method hand wash as I just love all their products. The mint is among my favorites for the winter season. it just has that lovely, crisp wintery smell to it. I use this particular scent primarily in the bathroom as it is a bit of an odd scent to have around food in the kitchen. The bottle is very cute and looks good in the bathroom and eliminates the need for a designer soap dispenser. And when the bottle wears out you can recycle it. I love that I can provide my family and my guests with a safe, effective soap that smells great and is natural and safe for the environment. The hand wash can be a bit more expensive than other brands, but I believe it is well worth the extra investment for the peace of mind the product provides. I really would recommend this to anyone looking to provide their family with the best and safest hand wash available in the marketplace so far.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Method Refresh is truly refreshing


Method Refresh mint foaming hand-soap is perfect.  One pump gives you the perfect amount of soap to thoroughly wash your hands.  If you wish to tone down the amount of soap, simply don't pump a full pump of soap.  The scent is light but fresh.  The scent lingers on the skin even after washing in a non-abrasive way.  Method Refresh offers numerous scents to vary up your collection in the home and fit each room decor/mood.  I enjoy how the foam is light yet effective.  I feel that my hands are truly clean after using the product and I am rewarded not only with clean hands but with a light yet invigorating scent.  When compared to Bath and Body Works foaming soaps, Method Refresh excels in every category!


Schaumburg, IL


Method Refresh Mint Hand Wash

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