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Method Lavender Laundry Detergent

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Method Lavender detergent


I wanted to love this detergent, I really did. I started to go green with my household cleaners since the chemicals seemed to irritate our skin so much. I bought this since it is plant based and has no chemicals in it. It just does not do a very good job at cleaning laundry and getting stains out as other detergents do. My first wash that I did with this detergent came out feeling stiff and I noticed stains, not set in, were still there. This stuff smells amazing but as a laundry soap it is not up to par. I also had to use a lot and it is a very small bottle that cost a lot. Over time I would have not been able to afford this even had I liked it. Performance My laundry felt very stiff right after I was done washing, I do not let my clothes sit either, I get them out right away. Also some stains that were not even set in yet did not even lighten up with this detergent. Scent The smell is very good, it is the only going for this laundry soap!



Good product.


This particular Method Laundry Detergent is pretty good. What makes it stand out from other detergents is the fact that the bottle is small and features a pump. You do not have to grab a big heavy jug of detergent anymore! This comes in three different scents but my favorite is the lavender. This comes in a small bottle because it is 8x ultra-concentrated. The bottle features a pump so all you do is grab the bottle and squirt a few pumps into your washing machine. You can buy refill liquid for the bottle, instead of buying a completely new bottle. This detergent does a great job of cleaning your clothing. It removed most stains [it doesn't seem to want to get rid of grass stains]. It leaves a nice light scent on your clothing. For such a low price, this is a great laundry detergent. I really love that the bottle is so small and there is a pump. It makes this product much more convenient than other ones. Scent There are 3 different scents but my favorite is the lavender. It is very calming and not overpowering.



My go to laundry detergent!


This laundry detergent is the one I use most regularly. With an amazing lavender scent it leaves my clothes fresh and clean. I've never added fabric softener when using this product, but they still com out very soft. The bottle is light weight, taking up less space in my laundry room and also reducing the use of plastic.. with the same amount of loads as your average big jug of detergent. Performance I love how this not only cleans my clothes, but leaves them feeling soft! Scent I am a big fan of this scent! It's not too overpowering to mix with body fragrances or what not for special occasions.



Method Lavender Laundry Detergent

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