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Liquid Fabric Softener
Method Fabric Softener

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Method makes great fabric softeners


I've used the Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softeners before, and it was great. So I decided to try out the regular liquid fabric softeners as well. Method is one of my favorite more natural brands, so I like trying out products of theirs that I haven't before. First off I'd really like to say that Method's packaging is fantastic. I like that this fabric softener has a pump top, so I could control how much product I wanted to come out, and didn't end up wasting any of it. I also felt like it worked a lot better then other fabric softeners I've used because it softened my clothes without irritating my skin. I find that some fabric softeners are so infused with fragrances and other ingredients that they make my skin itch, and leave a weird coating on my clothes. This didn't have that, and it got rid of all the static in my clothes, and when my clothes came out of the dryer they didn't have any wrinkles on them at all. I can't even describe how good my clothes smelled after using this fabric softener. It has a nice light air dried breeze/freshly washed laundry scent, but it was very soft and gentle. I'm always really happy to support Method products because they are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. It didn't have any added dyes in it either, and was gentle on my skin and my clothes as well. This is overall a really wonderful fabric softener, and I will be purchasing it again. If you have sensitive skin or like using fabric softeners on your babies clothes, then this would be a good product for you. Performance It completely softened my clothes, and left them both free of static and wrinkles. It didn't irritate my skin or leave a waxy feeling coating like I have had with other fabric softeners. It also makes my clothes smell very fresh. Scent It has an overall light air dried freshly cleaned laundry scent to it. I liked the scent because it was non-irritating. The fragrance seemed to fade fairly quickly though. I wish it would have stayed with my clothes longer because the scent was very soft and comforting.


Stroudsburg, PA


So so as a fabric softener


I love Method products! This one, is my least favorite of them all. It smells great, has a great dispensing system, comes in a smaller size bottle so you can easily keep a bottle or two on hand without taking up a lot of space. I will not use this on anything but my towels now because it does have a tendency to leave spots sometimes on your darker clothes. Bummer! I had high hopes for finding an environmentally friendly fabric softener. Performance This does a pretty good job as a softener and reducing static cling. It certainly doesn't make your clothes feel coated in something after using it. Scent Smells wonderful! Method products do not have an overwhelming scent, but they sure do smell nice. When you are doing laundry your laundry smells heavenly! Your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean also. However, this does not stay on your laundry for a long time, so if you are looking for a scent that stays with you all day, this is not the product for you.




Method Fabric Softener

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