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Method Baby Squeaky Green Diaper Cream

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wipes off too easily - method diaper cream


I wanted to go green for my baby.. but the Method Diaer cream wipes off too easily and does not offer my baby enouth protection. I had to switch to Balmex or Butt paste which cured his diaper rash. Method did nothing for it!


Buffalo, NY


My favorite rash cream!


When my daughter came home from the NICU, she had a diaper rash that I could not get rid of. We went through a LOT of different creams and ointments. The Method Baby diaper cream worked the best for her. That's all we've used ever since. It's more expensive than some, but it's also a lot cheaper than most of the other 'natural' products out there. This is not an all organic product and does have some chemicals in it, but the way I feel about chemicals is that there's a time and place for them. And this was the only thing that cleared up her rash. It works fast, too. Her rash or redness is always cleared up by the next diaper change!


Pottstown, PA


Only Cream to Use with Cloth Diapers


Several of my cloth-diapering mama friends warned me not to use just any diaper creams on cloth diapers - as creams can ruin your diapers - it can cause a build up that will lower the absorbancy.  Since I really am a huge fan of Method products and absolutely love the baby wash, I decided to try this cream with my diapers.  I've honestly not had any issues.  My son is 13 months old and has never really had any sort of diaper rash - which I attribute to clothe diapering in general, but also to the preventative qualities of this cream.  It's a bit on the expensive side, but I feel it's been well worth it.  It always cleans right off of my diapers and when I strip them once a month, there is absolutely no diaper cream residue.  If you can, register for a bunch of this stuff!  Use it with every diaper change and I think you'll be pleased with how few rashes your little one gets.  I would highly recommend this product.


Ashby, MA


method baby is great for CDing mamas


I am a cloth diaperer and was looking for a diaper cream that was cloth diaper friendly and could be bought locally.  Most cloth diaper friendly creams are only sold online and are very expensive.  I found method products at target though.  I read from other cloth diapering mamas that this worked well, so I gave it a try.   I absolutely loved it.  It's really easy to squeeze a little on baby's bum and not get any on your hands.  You just press on the pump and a nice dollop comes out, no finger required.  Big plus in my book!  Also the scent is pleasant.  Not overwhelming.  I've used burt's bee's and find that one too be really strong smelling, but Method baby isn't.  It worked well to keep diaper rash away.  I would recommend squirting some on at every diaper change.  There were times when I slacked off and would start to get a red bum.  Method is good at keeping it away, but if you get diaper rash you'll need something stroger to get rid of it. 


West Palm Beach, FL


Great for Preventing and Treating


I received Method's Squeaky Green Diaper Cream as a shower gift from a couple of friends.  At first I was ambivelant about it, but thought I would give it a try because I am very pro natural products.  I simply don't want to expose my baby to more chemicals and toxins than I have to. When my son came home from the hospital he almost immediately got a bad case of diaper rash.  My husband and I started to paint his bottom and upper legs in this diaper cream and with in a few days it went away.  I was amazed!   At 5 months he got a bad case of diarrhea and ended up getting a horrible case of diaper rash again.  this time it was everywhere and he was in a lot of pain.  I was confident the Squeaky Green Diaper Cream would work again so we once more painted his diaper area with the remaining amount of cream we had and sure enough it got better within a day. Now whenever it looks like he might be getting a rash again (still diarrhea every once in a while) I'll put a little on and it helps very quickly.


Lynnwood, WA


great, green diaper cream


method baby squeaky clean diaper rash cream is great. contains no harsh skin irritating chemicals...and whats the last thing you want to put on a skin irritation? a skin irritant duh! what are people thinking? well method baby has it right. for healthy skin stay green. it is nice and thick for good coverage. it is in an easy to use container...those squeeze tubes are sooooo messy. to eliminate mess we just squirt a bunch on the area and then rub it in with the diaper. it is virtually odor free. great product


Bessemer, AL


Method Baby Squeaky Green Diaper Cream

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