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Method Antibac Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

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Love this cleanser!


I've got to say I was really impressed by this bathroom cleanser! I know that lots of people are big fans of the environmentally friendly products, but I've had a hard time finding any that work as well as their less environmentally friendly counterparts. Now, enter Method Antibac Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner. This stuff works great! Somehow method managed to make a cleanser that is good for the earth that disinfects hard surfaces and actually cleans really well! Performance This is probably the best environmentally friendly cleanser I've ever used. It disinfects and cleans really well! It's great on porcelain and the metal fixtures too! That's a tall order for any product let alone one that's good for the earth! Scent This Method Antibacterial cleaner smells really great! It has a minty scent that smells really refreshing. I love that it disinfects without leaving a bleach smell behind!


Southfield, MI


Love this natural and safe cleaning product!


I have in past year replaced all my cleaning products with all natural and safe cleaning products and once I discovered the Method cleaning line I was hooked! I love that it is made of essential oils yet still kills 99.9 percent of household germs. I also love the scent. It is not overpowering but it still leaves a nice and gentle smell in which you can tell you just cleaned the bathroom or kitchen sink. I have tried cleaners that leave no smell and I know it was a mental thing but I just didn't feel like I cleaned. I have tried both kinds of Method Antibac and love the lemon verbana. I also use this cleaner on my stove and it lifts all those baked on foods if you let it sit for about 10 minutes. I also use it on my glass table in my kitchen and you would be surprised to find that it doesn't streak. They also have a glass cleaner that works well but I was surprised that I could clean with this and know I was dissenfecting the table. Love this product, love this brand!


Aliquippa, PA


Method ANTIBAC bathroom cleaner works great


I started researching bathroom cleaners that are safer to use and nicer to the environment and decided to give the Method Antibac bathroom cleaner a try. I am really happy with it, it cleans very well, just as well as the harsher brands without the yucky bad for you chemicals. It has a really pleasant smell, not at all overpowering, I like that it is a stream spray and wipe cleaner and not a thick pastey type. It is really gentle but it is strong at the same time. I feel that it cleans the toilets and showers effectively and the light fragrance lingers one awhile. It feels good knowing that I am using a cleaner that kills bacteria and cleans the bathroom without harming the environment and that I and my family are not inhaling anything that can harm us.................. The price of this bathroom cleaner is slightly more than the other brands but it is worth the price so I will recommend.


Latonia, KY


Green antibac cleaner from method, minty fresh


I was pleasantly surprised my this method purchase, much like I was when I got Method's Le Scrub.  I wanted to disinfect the bathroom, but have started to realize the benefit of green cleaners.  So when I saw this I thought, that's perfect.  It has a minty smell, with an undertone of thyme. It's the essential thyme oil that naturally kills up to 99.9% of household germs.  I wanted to disinfect the bathroom, but in the past the smell of those cleaners has left me not wanting to clean and ready to rush out the door as soon as I started.  This does have a pleasant smell.  While I can't testify to how many germs it killed, I trust the brand and their claims.  This product is not a one stop shop though.  It seems to be just an antibacterial spray, not a cleaner.  So it must be sprayed after you've cleaned.  Then just walk away.  In a few minutes your bathroom surfaces will be disinfected.  When I picked this stuff up in the store, I thought it would be more multipurpose.  But that is not stopping me from using it, nor recommending it.  I highly recommend this green antibacterial product from method.


Boulder, CO


Method Antibac Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

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