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Metamucil Pink Lemonade Fiber Laxative Supplement

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Not a fan


Just over a year ago, I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I'm not yet 30 and was told by my doctor that I needed to increase the fiber in my diet to help prevent complications. I love pink lemonade so I thought this would be the perfect solution. Boy was I wrong... The taste of it is quite terrible. It starts to clump up almost immediately making it near impossible to drink without gagging. I have tried it repeatedly, hoping I was using it wrong. I even tried putting it in a plastic bottle so that I could shake it up prior to each sip, yet it didn't work. It never seemed to help my digestive system much either. I ended up still having major complications and had to have a portion of my intestines removed because the fiber wasn't doing what it was supposed to(sorry if that's too much information). I've now switched to FiberChoice chewables and am so glad that I made the switch. The Metamucil has gone right off my counter, into my trash can...

Phoenix, AZ


Good tasting, but still a fiber drink


I tried Metamucil Pink Lemonade Powder after receiving a sample of it through the mail.  I have high cholesterol and am always looking for ways to increase fiber in my diet and therefore, decrease cholesterol.   The Metamucil powder dissolved better than I expected that it would, although it did not dissolve all the way.  It definitely tastes better than other fiber powders that I have tried, but it was still very obvious that you were drinking a fiber mix, and not just a glass of cold refreshing pink lemonade. That being said, if I had my choice between the Metamucil Pink Lemondade powder or another competing powder, I would choose this Metamucil one every time. I don't have a problem with regularity, and since I drink fiber powders for the health benefits only, I was worried that this would cause me discomfort, since it is used as a laxative.  While drinking it once a day, this did not turn out to be the case.

Shelbyville, IN


Metamucil Pink Lemonade Fiber Laxative Supplement

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