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Metadate Metadate CD- ADHD med

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This is one of the best medicines that my son has been on. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of 5.He is 10 now. He has been on numerous medicines, any parent with an ADHD child knows how hard it is to find a medicine that works for child without the terrible side effects. My son was placed on Metadate CD about a year ago and he does not have any of the side effects that he had with other medications. Metadate is a controlled release medicine which means he doesn't have the embarrasment of taking trips to the nurses office at lunch time or multiple doses throughout the day. What I like the most about this medicine is that he does not have a, what I like to call a zombie effect. He still can play sports, and is still creative. He is just more focused for a longer period of time. His Dr. told me that is because the medicine is slowly released into his system throughout the day in more broken down amounts which means less risk of headaches, nausea and tired feeling. I would recommend that any parent discuss this alternative with their DR.

Tangerine, FL


Great medicine- Calms and Focuses my child :)


My daughter is 5 now, but from the age of 2 1/2 we knew we were in for it. I guess when our cat went flying down the laundry chute (with assistance), we knew something wasn't quite right. She was always moving, extremely hyper- needed to be on the go. Well she was our first, so we didn't know how busy kids really were- for all we knew this was normal. At the age of 3, when she was into things every 5 minutes over a 12 hour day (yes I was sinking into depression!) we got her evaluated by our physician and sure enough- my suspicions came true- she had severe ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder). After much red tape and practically begging, we got her on meds (docs don't like to put kids younger than 6 on meds)- I personally think it was when she opened her window, chucked her clothes into the snow and ran out into the yard that woke the doctors up to- we have to do something! We tried a number of meds and then we had one more to try- Metadate CD-Extended Release. It's easy to give because it's the sprinkle method-just twist the capsules apart and dump onto a spoonful of applesauce. This was trial and error, the dosage, the times to give it (she's now getting 20 mg in the morning and 10 mg at school)... but I think we're now on the right track with it. She's a happy, delightful child who's calmer, can focus, can communicate now with us, is socially more adept...it's amazing what the right meds can do- so I give the Metadate a BIG thumbs up! It's brought much needed sanity into our home and the schools (having seen her prior) are thrilled- she's learning her academics instead of hiding under the table and running off the playground, she's interacting with the kids whereas before she'd keep to herself... I think it's doing what it's supposed to, no known side effects and we're very happy with it!

Pittsburgh, PA


Metadate Metadate CD- ADHD med

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