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Merrick Canned Dog Food

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Merrick canned dog food


Excellent selection of flavors. Feeding this brand to my German Shepherd puppy. She loves it. I also feed the canned cat food to my cats. Quality of Ingredients Very nice selection of ingredients in each dish. Great addition of fruits and vegetables. Flavor Selection Wide variety of flavors. Lots to choose from. Partial to the wilderness varieties.



My dogs love it, and its of great quality


Merrik dog food in any of its incarnations tends to be a well above average brand of dog food verging on dog food perfection. Its full of meats, devoid of most fillers, has an appealing look for humans, and a taste that dogs love. It comes in so many flavors that there is something for just about every dog out there. It has a meat source for just about everyone. I love the chicken wing in a can product wingalings, they are a bone in chicken wing stuffed into a can with lots of other good things galatinized so the dog can eat the bone along with everything else with out the risk of splintering. three of the first five ingredients in the wingaling are named meat products Chicken, Chicken broth,  and Chicken Liver. the fourth ingredient is a decent quality grain, whole brown rice which while cheap is not a common allergin and is easily digestable, the firth ingredient is carrots. This stuff is good, it runs a bit pricy but it is definatly worth the money to buy. Its far better then any of the grocery store brands that you can buy and runs with the big dogs when it comes to the more expensive dog foods. The down sides are it can be expensive to buy and difficult to find a store in your area that sells it.

Joppa, MD


Venison Buffalo Salmon what CAN you say about Merrick dog food


I buy Merrick's can dog food as a treat for my dogs, all 5 of them. They love the Wilderness Blend one especially. It has fresh veggies and Buffalo, Salmon and  Venison. My dogswoof it down. They have delicious combinations like Granny's Pot Pie and Cowboy Cookout. It is a little on the expensive side for me to buy enough for 5 dogs all the time. So, I use it as a treat. You understand the cost when you look at the ingredients. It's worth the cost.

Lebanon, OR


Merrick Canned Dog Food

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