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Dry Cat Food
Merrick Before Grain Tuna Dry Cat Food

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Great Cat Food, Quality Ingredients!


I did not know that a cat is not suppose to eat grains, until researching and discovering articles over the subject about a year ago. I still feed my three cats dry cat food, but I try to purchase cat foods that are better for them. This brand of dry cat food, Merrick Before Grain Tuna is great for my cat's health. Since one of my three cats has a naturally tendency for obesity I try to watch what a feed my cats. I do buy cheaper food like Purina Weight management, but I switch between more expensive brands like this one. So far, all three of my cats have loved this food, which is great since it's so good for them. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients in this cat food are much better than other brands. It is a little more expensive, but well worth it for my cat's health. Flavor Selection All three of my cat's love the taste of Merrick's dry cat food and it helps keep my fat cat's weight under control. If you can afford this cat food, then I would suggest feeding it to your cat.



Before Grain is an amazing cat food that cats adore!


Merrick's Before Grain cat food is such an amazing products. Did you know that cat's are not supposed to eat grains? Well, they are not! And while there are several low-grain and no-grain options in cat food, Merrick's Before Grain cat food is the cheapest option. It is still pricey especially if you normally feed your cat meow mix, but it is the best option if you care about giving your cat what he/her requires to be healthy. The tuna flavor is adored by all four of my cats, but they have several other flavors which are all accepted by my felines. I love this 11.1 pound bag because it provides us with a lot of food. It is the cheapest option. Buying in bulk is usually a great way to save money. Your cats are going to love Before Grains! It is a dry cat food so feel free to leave it out for your felines to eat whenever they chose. If your cat is on a traditional cat food diet and is overweight, then use Before Grains to slim their waist lines! 

Cedar Park, TX


Before Grain is one of the only dry food my picky cat will eat.


 I found Before Grain at my local pet food store and decided to try it. My cat has hyperthyroidism and is now VERY picky about eating. When I bought this food he went right over to the dish and started eating it. I was beyond shocked because dry food is one of his picky "i dont eat this" things. I will continue buying this food and would recommend it to any picky cat owner.

Albany, NY


Merrick Before Grain Tuna Dry Cat Food

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