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Merle Norman
Merle Norman Timeless Age Defying Makeup Foundation SPF 20

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Best Foundation I've tried!


Merle Norman's Timeless Age Defying Makeup Foundation is a nice foundation for year round. In the past, I have had to switch formulas with a different brand. With Merle Norman, I do not! After using this foundation for a couple of months, I had a parent at my preschool tell me I looked younger! I believe the age defying is working! I highly recommend this foundation. With the many colors available, a Merle Norman associate will be able to help you choose the best shade for your skin tone.

Alpharetta, GA


Merle Norman Timeless Foundation is the best


Merle Norman Luxiva Timeless Age Defying Makeup is wonderful. This foundation is never heavy and has great coverage. It does not leave your face looking like you have a heavy foundation base one. It also has a SPF of 20 which is awesome and protective of the skin. It also is Dermatologist tested which is a plus for everyone. I love the way it blends in nicely so you don't have a line on your chin bone that screams look at my foundation. It also has a great moisturizer base that evens out those dry patches. It makes my skin look and feel fresh and soft. It also does not dry out my skin like some foundations tend to do. Before I used this foundation my skin would flake in the dry winter months and look awful with this foundation I stopped having that problem and just have moist even looking skin. Color match also is great and I change my colors on the season as I tend to tan a little in the winter and need a slightly darker shade.

Cascade, IA


Merle Norman Timeless Age Defying Makeup Foundation SPF 20

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