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Merle Norman
Merle Norman Foundation Primer

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Nice but not needed


Merle Norman Foundation Primer is OK. I found it just to be one more layer of make up to apply and also more time spent in those busy mornings. I did not see a big difference between when I used the primer and then applied the foundation or when I just used the foundation. They was a small difference but not for sure if that was because I thought there should be or if there really was a difference. It also adds more money to the beauty budget and I felt it was an unneccesary expense. I am sure that for some it might make a difference but for me I did not buy it again after my first purchase was done. It just did not make sense to buy and use a product to help another product work better. It would of been great if the two products could of been combined to lessen the cost and also the time to put it on. Definately not one of my favorite Merle Norman products but one you may want to try to see if it works for you.

Cascade, IA


Merle Norman's foundation primer is a winner


At a recent visit to my local Merle Norman cosmetics studio the owner gave me a sample of Foundation Primer to use under my makeup (lasting foundation and ultra powder).  I am a skeptical person when it comes to products I use on my face.  I have used it for 3 days in a row and I have noticed a significant change in how my makeup lasts.  It feels fresh, doesn't break out my skin, makes my makeup smooth and its a great value...considering my regular make up last up to 3 months.  It also helps to control oil.  I recommend this product for anyone who needs extra lift in their make up and longer wear. 

Tobaccoville, NC


Merle Norman Foundation Primer

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