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Merit Fitness
Merit Fitness 725 Treadmill

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Very nice treadmill


This treadmill is just exactly what I was looking for. It has all the options you will need without those extras that you have to spend extra money on and not really using it. I got exactly what I paid more plus it exceeded my expectations. Has an incline of 0-10 and same thing with speed. Has your calorie count, distance and heart rate. The treadmill is smooth, doesn't slip when I run and have a powerful motor. The size is perfect and fits very well in my little apartment, so it is space saver. It also folds up, which I really love about it when not in use I just fold it up and store it. It runs very quiet compared to some treadmills and it's easy to hear TV or your ipod while you are exercising. This treadmill is just great!

Hummelstown, PA


Merit Fitness 725 - super treadmill for the price


I have had this treadmill now for over a year, so I can testify to the quality and durability of it. I use it mainly for walking/running up to 5 mph and have never had any problems with it. I use it 5-7 times a week and my kids sometimes jump on for a quick workout as well. My husband had no problems putting it together and it is compact enough to move around if needed even though it is not a foldable model. I love all the different settings, especially the incline. Some people have complained that it is noisy, but I think for a treadmill, it is relatively quiet even at the higher speeds. I can easily watch tv when I work out. For a basic home gym, you can't beat this treadmill for the price. I highley recommend it.

Woonsocket, RI


You Get What You Pay For.


I purchased this treadmill because of the price. When the treadmill arrived, I had to put the treadmill together. The bolts does not line up with the holes of the machine. The way that the rods are welded, it would take Superman to straighten those rods out in order for them to fit. After three days of trying to put the treadmill together, I finally got it together, and I was ready to try it. I turned the treadmill on, it started right up, after walking for 30 minutes the machine started to make a squeaking sound, I did not really pay it much attention. I finished my two mile walk and I turned the machine off, I was happy at this point. The next day I got onto the treadmill, the noise was louder, and the belt began to move slowly. I called Customer Service, which was a waste of time because you do not talk to a person. Save your money and buy something that will work longer than 2 weeks.

Mesquite, TX


Love it!


I bought this treadmill in 2007. I love it. It is still going strong and I use it every day 4-5 miles daily. Just recently one of the prongs came out of the plug. I stuck it back in and hooked it up to an extension cord so that I don't have to keep putting the prong back in. It still works great.

Indianapolis, IN


If you have to be a hamster, jump on this one


I always feel like a hamster on a wheel when I jump on the treadmill. I can get bored easily and lose focus. Still, walking seems to be the best exercise for me.  My husband bought me this Merit 725 T treadmill several months ago and it's really been wonderful. I don't have to go to the gym anymore to get my cardio in. It wasn't the easiest product to assemble but we finally got it after a pretty long while. That was a workout in itself! Aside from that I give it 2 thumbs up.  It runs very quietly and has an acurate heart monitor. It has great programs as well. I like that it folds up so that it doesn't take up a ton of room in my small space. The design is pretty sleek for something as large as a treadmill. There is a 250 pound weight limit so keep that in mind if you are heavier. For the price it really is a great value. It's not a real fancy piece of workout gear but it's so sturdy and durable. It has gotten me up and moving and now I have no excuse for not exercising, even in the rain. I am very pleased with this purchase, and with my smaller sized jeans because of it!

Nashville, TN


Merit Fitness 725 Treadmill

4.2 5