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 Meridian Acne Therapy System

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It's just not enough for my problem skin.


I so much wanted this product to work. I've been fighting acne for 25 years now and it's kind of getting old. I've tried tons of products hoping to cure this condition once and for all. The latest product was Meridian Acne Therapy System which, unfortunately, didn't work at all. Within 4 days of starting to use Meridian my face, which had only 2 pimples on my chin, broke out into large, painful pimples. It was terrible. I do know of several people for whom this product worked but it did not work for me at all and worsened the condition. It's just not the right one for me. The first step of the regimen is the cleanser which is absolutely gorgeous. It is very thick and rich like yogurt. It is pure white in color and is dispensed thru the small hole in the top of the bottle. It is very creamy and silky on my face and feels wonderful. I really enjoy using it. Although Meridian is unscented, the cleanser has a slightly medicinal scent that is not unpleasant. The bottle contains 4 fluid ounces of cleanser. The contents should be shaken before use and a dime sized amount massaged into your wet face using circular motions. The cleanser produced a small amount of lather but not gobs of it. I don't care much about that though as it feels so good on my face. The bottle labeled number two is the toner which contains 5% tea tree oil and other herbal extracts that soothe and calm the skin while deep cleansing and removing bacteria and oils. It smells really nice and minty and makes my skin tingle but does not burn at all. The brownish color is a bit freaky and put me off at first but I got used to it and accepted it. It looks like tea but for some reason I figured it would be clear or green. It smells nice and feels nice on my skin. A small amount on a cotton ball or pad is all that's necessary to do the job. The final step is the moisturizing lotion which is pure white, but not thick and rich. It is completely unscented and contains no peroxide or medicine for clearing the skin. The moisturizer is kind of strange in that it doesn't soak in well. I touched my cheek after applying it and it felt like the sticky part of a Post-It note. This was disturbing but in the spirit of healing I forged onward. Two days later I used my Bare Minerals foundation which normally leaves my red and spotty skin looking fairly flawless and even. Remember the Post-It note comment? Imagine trying to evenly apply powder to the sticky side of a Post-It note. The result was uneven, patchy looking coverage at best but it was much worse. It was like the foundation was just sitting on top of the lotion and not really covering everything. I ended up looking unnaturally pasty white like Edward Scissorhands? Not a good look. Side Effects Made my skin break out even worse. Immediacy It made me break out immediately!

Annapolis, MD


Meridian Acne Therapy System

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