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Flea & Tick Treatments
Merial Frontline Flea and Tick Spray

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Not too bad for flea control


Depending where you live, some people have major flea and tick infestations and it can lead to family pets becoming a host to both. Fleas are especially hard to get rid of once they are in the home. The pets who have fleas are dropping flea eggs everywhere they go, and they end up hanging out until they hatch. They can get stuck in furniture, cracks in the floor, carpets and just about anywhere else and then they hatch and end up on pets again. The best thing is to avoid having them become infested in the first place. There are a lot of products out there and I've found most of them don't work. Frontline is a tried and true brand for flea and tick control although it can get costly when buying for numerous pets. When buying topical frontline the type of animal and weight matters and with this spray it does not. You can use the same bottle on all of the animals you have. It is simple to use, just wear gloves and spray the pet while rubbing the sprayed hair to work it in. I like that it's not a tiny tube and I like that I don't have to buy 4 different boxes for all my pets. It is cheaper to do it this way and to apply it to the entire body then it is for the small tubes that apply only to the back of the neck area. It works good but I find with our dogs who swim frequently it doesn't last the full 30 days. But it comes close. It keeps the fleas and ticks off and I live in an area that has major fleas and ticks and animals become infested quickly as soon as the weather warms up. Flea sprays can cause irritation to sensitive pets so I recommend using it first on a small area of their skin to be sure they won't have an allergy to the ingredients. My pets did not have any reaction but it's good to know before covering most of their body. I think this is a good product and its a cheaper alternative to a lot of the flea and tick products on the market. I've tried several and frontline works much better and for much longer. It's nice to have a product that works so well.




Gets rid and kills all ticks and fleas in site.


Fleas and ticks have always been a re-occurring problem in my household. I have one dog, and three cats. My dog is long haired as well as one of my cats. When one of them gets fleas it turns into a never ending cycle of constant fleas and itchiness all around. I also live in Pennsylvania so ticks are also a big problems as well for me. Even though the Merial Frontline Flea and Tick Spray I find it to work the best out of all the flea and tick products I've used. I also like it because I can use it on both my dog and my cats without having to buy separate products. This spray is very easy to use. All you have to do is spray and rub it into your pets fur and skin from the neck down wearing latex gloves. Then let it go to work on the fleas. I find that as soon as I spray it on my pets, it gives them fast relief from the fleas. It starts to kill the fleas quickly. After spraying this on my pets, and then giving them a bath I find that it washes away a lot of the fleas and eggs. This is waterproof so it will continue working even if your pet gets wet. Anyways, the more I combed and washed my pets the more fleas and eggs came out. Eventually after continually using the spray it completely rid of cats and dog of the dreaded fleas, and completely killed all of them. The fleas didn't come back either. It works great at preventing and stopped the fleas from coming back again. I was so relieved at how great this works. There was also one time that my dog got a tick that was hard to get off. I sprayed it right onto the tick, let it sit, and then the tick loosened up enough so I could pull it out completely without leaving any parts of it behind. I found that this worked so much better then anything I have used for fleas and ticks before. I don't mind the price because I know that this product will work fast at completely getting rid of the problem. I only have positive things to say about Frontline, because my pets have never been irritated by it. It completely relieved them of their fleas, and made them feel much better. I would recommend this if you have flea problems, and more then one animal in your house. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients in the Frontline spray work great to get rid of fleas and ticks quickly. I found after using this I was able to wash away, and comb out most of the fleas. It also stopped the fleas from coming back after they were completely gone. There is one ingredient that has the potential to be dangerous if your pet has a reaction to it. The ingredient is Fibronil. It is none to have a few negative side effects on animals. The most common side effect is red itchy skin, but in some rare cases it can cause damage to your pets internal organs, nervous system, and even make them unable to have puppies or kittens. My cats and dog didn't have any problems with the Frontline spray, but you should always be cautious when trying out a new product. Side Effects Neither my dogs nor my three cats had any side effects from this Frontline Spray. But it does have the potential to make your pets skin dry, red, irritated, and itchy if they have an allergy to it or any of the ingredients. I would always monitor your pets skin if you are using this on them, just to make sure that they don't have any bad side effects. If they do get one of these side effects I would call your vet immediately.


Stroudsburg, PA


Frontline Spray - powerful and effective


I really hate to use any of this type of products on our pets but a upcoming camping trip to the mountains was enough of a concern that we decided fleas and ticks could be more of a danger than the spray. We chose Frontline as it comes in a spray bottle instead of a aerosol can which she is afraid of the sound. Quality of Ingredients This spray is designed for kittens and puppies as well as adult pets. It is fast acting and we sprayed it on as soon as we arrived at our destination. It does frighten pets as it doesn't make the aerosol sound coming out of the can and is designed to last thirty days. Great trip and not one flea or tick on our pooch.. This spray is designed to use once every thirty days so we didn't have to use it but the one time. Side Effects I hate to use these powerful chemicals on our little dog but with her long hair, I knew ticks and fleas would love that. I could not tell that there was any side effects but I was careful to make sure we all washed our hands after we petted her.


Peoria, AZ


Merial Frontline Flea and Tick Spray

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