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Mercy Care

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Having Mercy Care will benifit you


I am here to tell you a little about Mercy Care.  It's mainly for people who need medical assistance thru the Department of Economic Security, here in the Tucson, Arizona area.  You go to the DES office, fill out an application, have an interview on your current income and see if you qualify to have any medical insurance thru them.  If you qualify they will send you confirmation, and a packet to pick which insurance plan you would like to be on.  You get a medical id card with your information on it.  You then can pick and choose your own doctor.  Mercy Care has a variety of their own doctors, that are easy to get to, and if you dont have a ride you can call a few days prior to your appointment, to set up a ride with one of their cab services they are affiliated with.  The best one is Gentle Care transport.  They pay for alot of your medicines, although they don't like to pay for the real script, only for the generics.

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Mercy Care

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