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Excellent resource


Mercola has one of the best nutritional sites available. He provides a wide range of educational health topics including research to support the important role nutrition plays in many prevalent disease processes in our society today. The site covers current health topics and has a library of articles including topics such as Aspartame, fructose/Sugar, Cancer, fitness, fluoride, GMO's, mercury, nutritional typing, pets, vaccines, Vitamin D.... to name a few. Mercola offers a variety of health related products including high quality supplements and includes information on the role these supplements play in maintaining and/or improving overall health. The site offer online support including chat, a toll free number, and, email plus links to multiple social sites. Mercola is a great resource for anyone interested in health and willing to take a pro-active role.

Knob Noster, MO


Very important site for health


I really love the work that Dr. Mercola has done and is doing, for our standards of healthcare, and for healing and prevention of serious health issues. There are so many toxins that we are exposed to every day, and often times, we just need someone to open our eyes about it. Once you know how bad phthalates, parabens, preservatives, GMO's and pesticides are, you wont ever look at a label the same again in your life. You might think that buying "the best" product, a high-end brand, or the most expensive varieties guarantees that you are getting the best, but you would be surprised. The department store beauty brands selling for $75 use parabens in most of their products, cutting corners just like the drug store brands for $5. There are so many ways that we are exposed to these toxins in our lives, we need sites like this to offer solutions to help us get, and stay healthy. We need things for water treatment, body products, food prep and storage, and medication-and this site can really help us find them.

Attleboro, MA



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