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Meow Mix
Meow Mix Pate Toppers - Seafood Medley

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Very Good


This is what I had started to ween my kitten with. He was orphaned around 3-4 weeks and while he had the willingness to eat warmed up, water-plumped dry cat food, I could not stand the stench of microwaved cat food. So I went to this product to ease him into dry food eventually. He loved it! There's appreciable chunks and an adequate (aka not too much) gravy. He would always clean his plate. Now... his droppings would be very... "aromatic" but from professional and personal experience with other cats, this is normal when feeding wet foods; so I won't fault them for that. I'd say it's a decent value for the price point and a good food for the kitties.

Dunkirk, Indiana


My cats favorite wet food


I allow my cat one can of wet food a day and I leave a cup of dry food down aswell. He eats this everytime and meows for more!

Indianapolis, In


Kitty Gobbles it Down


This is the first time that I have bought Meow Mix Pate Toppers and my cat loves them. The food is a mix of both pate and shreds and in three flavors. My cat loves all three of them. They are easy to open with a pull off foil lid. You co not have to mess with a can opener. The container is small and my cat eats the entire thing which is good as no food goes to waste as with some larger cans of food. The food is easy to chew and digest and would also be great for small cats or kittens as it is not hard or crunchy that would hurt a baby kittens teeth. The quality of ingredients are good as well. My cats coat looks shinier and he looks happy and content after eating a container of Meow Mix. Meow Mix taste good and that is why cats ask for it by name, MEOW! I would recommend this for adult cats or kittens and also finicky cats that are picky about their food because this one they will really like!

New Egypt, NJ


Meow mix pate toppers


I really like the combination of pate topped with the shreds and so does my cat. He is still little and can not really eat an entire bowl of the shreds so this is perfect for him. They have some really good flavor combinations and I like the size of this variety box as well. You save a lot of money buy cat food in bulk like this. Food appears to be of great quality and smells fresh, not a strong fishy odor like some cat foods. Only thing I have a hard time doing is getting it out of the can so the shreds and pate look like the picture! But the time I dump it out it's a mess, but my cat does not mind! Quality of Ingredients The food looks and smells very fresh which leads me to believe that the ingredients are of high quality. Flavor Selection This comes with three different flavor combinations in the box. Each one has two flavors, one for the pate and one for the shreds. They have the normal seafood's, tuna, shrimp, salmon, and whitefish.



Meow Mix Pate Toppers - Seafood Medley

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