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Mentholatum Pain Relief Extra Strength Gel

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Extra Strength Gel


As a full time student I am constantly writing. Essays, reports, homework and everything in between and it makes my hands cramp and ache terribly. I wanted something that I could use just for my hands specifically and I wanted something that would not be too smelly preferably. This product matched the basic description I was looking for so I decided to purchase it. I liked the price of it as well. I decided to try it when I got home since I had a lot of homework to do that night. I rubbed a healthy amount on both hands and let it fully absorb for fifteen minutes. At first I noticed a strong medicine type smell from it but in less than ten minutes the smell was virtually gone altogether. After the fifteen minutes was up I started writing my essays and I was able to work for four straight hours without feeling any pain which was quite a feat. I will most definitely continue using it on my hands.



Mentholatum Pain Relief Extra Strength Gel

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