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Mentholatum Company
Mentholatum Company Softlips Pure 100% Organic Lip Balm

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My Lips are in Love with Softlips PURE 100% organic Lip Balms


My daughter will only use **Softlips Lip Balm** on her lips.  Because I have very sensitive skin I am cautious about anything I haven't used before but her recommendation regarding the lip balm stuck in my mind as she has mentioned the product to me several times.  With that in mind I lept at a recent opportunity to try the **NEW 100% PURE Softlips**.  This premium lip balm started nourishing my lips from the moment I first applied it.  The smooth emollients glided on and felt like satin sheets to my dry lips.  I knew I'd found something unique and unlike other lip balms I have used in the past because this one actually stayed on my lips.  I only needed to reapply it after I had eaten something.  Further discovery led me to the fact that the lip balm was chemical free and was made with natural, good-for-my-skin ingredients like organic oils, Shea butter and vitamin E.  I have never been one to use Chapstick or a lip balm on a continual basis but I am fast getting in the habit of carrying a Softlips stick in my jeans' pocket and in my handbag.  It just feels good!  I like the idea that it contains a conditioner that protects my lips as well as gives a natural sheen to them alone or under my lipstick or gloss.At the moment, the New PURE 100% organic Softlips lip balm comes in two flavors, Pomegranate and Honey Dew. I personally don't care for the Pomegranate but I adore the Honey Dew flavor.  They both come in a recyclable .07 ounce container with a pull off cap.  As an added bonus, these lip balms are animal by-product free and never tested on animals...  The only thing I would change about the product would be a larger tube.  This thin tube is easy to get lost in the bottom of my purse and stuck down in my pocket.  But, that is just my opinion!

Northern, FL


Softlips Pure is a refreshing natural chapstick.


Softlips Pure is one of the first (if not the first) chapstick I saw that was 100% organic USDA certifiied lip balm in common grocery stores.  That why I was attracked to this product in the first place.  I love that fact that this lip balm is organic, I know that it is same and genlte on my lips because it doens't contain any weird ingredients or harsh chemicals.  Yet, it also looked like a fabulously little chapstick.  I love the small thin tube it comes in. The flavor aviable in the store I was at was Pomegrante.  Honostly, pomegrante isn't my favorite or first-choice flavor, but I enjoy this chap stick.  The smell is a little funky (I'm just not a pomegrante person) but the flavor is wonder and my lips feel amazing! My lips feel silkly soft and moist.  I find that Softlips Pure lasts longer than Softlips Lip Protection cherry flavor, but I like the cherry flavor of the other Softlips better than pomegrante.  Overall, I love this natural and 100% organic lip balm.  I don't want to buy another brand of chap stick ever again.  = ]

Olympia, WA


Awesome Lip Balm!!!


After trying this lip balm for the first time, I've loved it!!!  The one I have is Pomegranate, and it has some flavor to it, but is not over-bearing at all.  So, if you might be sensitive to strong flavors to your balm, you should get this, because it is light.  Best of all, this product is 100% natural and is *USDA certified ORGANIC*.  This means no extra added chemicals or preservatives.  Another additional benefit to this lip balm is that it will not bend, break or clump with use, like I've found with the other brands I've tried out there.  I also like how it's compact size, so it is virtually discreet to carry around, and apply when needed.  I know how lugging around alot of products can be cumbersome sometimes.  This will not "get in the way" of your purse or makeup bag.  Even with it's awesome packaging, it lasts a long, long time.  Why spend time and money buying new tubes, when you can use this one?  It has never gotten stale during the time that I've had it, too.  That's why I recommend this product, and give it 5 STARS.  Buy this if you are sensitive to chemicals on your skin, or not if you are considering a new lip balm favorite!!!

Detroit, MI


Mentholatum Company Softlips Pure 100% Organic Lip Balm

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