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Memorex - progressive scan DVD Player

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MVD2015 is fairly priced for the quality


We got this dvd player to replace the Coby DVD player that we had nothing but trouble out of. Memorex was a brand I had heard of before so I had high hopes that this would be a decent dvd player, but I was left disappointed. It was only slightly better, if that, than the dvd player it replaced. Our kids could open the disc tray more often, but the remote buttons would stick a lot for no apparent reason. There wasn't anything in the grooves, the buttons just stayed pressed down. The discs read most of the time which was fantastic, unless you tried to rewind. I'm not sure what caused it but if you went to rewind the dvd player went haywire and would skip numerous scenes before randomly stopping when it wanted to. Since it was a second dvd player for us and wasn't used that often it wasn't too bad for the price. If you are looking for a full time dvd player you should probably look elsewhere, but this makes an okay dvd player for a spare room.

Lexington, NC


This is a horrid dvd player


This machine is a horrid machine. Always had problems with it. The remote made it even more impossible to enjoy the movie with. The remote only has the buttons to skip ahead a screen or skip behind a scene, so if you missed a good part you had to go back and watch a whole scene instead of rewinding a small couple seconds and then you had to watch 10 minutes instead of a couple seconds. Then there was the problem that if you left it paused and idle for about 3-5 minutes the whole machine would turn off and then you had to restart the whole movie from the beginning. All of these problems that i have experienced with this machine are the same problems that I have experienced with every single dvd player that I have bought from memorex. Another thing that you should consider before buying this model is that it is very cheap. Not cheap as in inexpensive but cheap as in cheap quality. I finally threw this machine away because it fell from a 3 foot coffee table and it broke. Not only did it break and stop working, but it was much worse then that. It fell from only 3 feet and the whole thing just fell apart. The dvd slot cover came off and the whole outside of the machine just popped off. It looked like someone had tooken a sledge hammer to it. It basically came apart at the seams. Very undurable and cheap product. Probably made in china at some sweatshop.

Lake Stevens, WA


This product does not work well.


This product didn't last more than a week.  About the third time we used it the screen would roll as if the TV was rolling. However we found out by hooking the DVD player on another TV that it was a defective DVD Player.  

New Market, TN


Memorex - progressive scan DVD Player

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