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Memorex - Slim External DVD Recorder

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Great price -- ultra-portable -- lightweight construction.


This is a ridiculously small DVD player/recorder that I bought to use with my Toshiba Netbook (which doesn't have a CD/DVD drive). I never expected that the Netbook would so completely take over from its bigger sibling (my HP laptop), but it has, and for the once or twice a month when I need to use DVDs/CDs on the job, I decided to buy this portable Memorex device to lug instead of lugging the laptop. Advantages? First, it is small and easy to use. You attach it to your computer via a double-headed USB port cable (so it takes up two of the USB ports on your netbook/laptop). It powers right off your computer -- no AC power cord necessary. Second, it comes with straightforward directions and some decent, simple software (you end up with LightScribe capability, as well as multi-format recording capability). Disadvantages? Its construction is very lightweight... and I don't mean that in a good way. For example, if you put anything at all on top of it, the top section wants to cave down into the disc, and it bucks and refuses to play. It feels flimsy. On the other hand, I love that it weighs practically nothing and that it doesn't need an AC cable, and with careful use it functions well, so on the whole I still recommend this product.

Belchertown, MA


Memorex - Slim External DVD Recorder

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