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Memorex - MP5115-2 MP3 player

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This is a good MP3 player.


The Zenex on the Move MP5115-2 MP3 player is a pretty good buy for the money.  It is a 2GB player with other features.  It has not only the music option but also a movie,record, voice, fm-radio,photo,e-book and set-up options as well.  I mostly listen to the radio as I drive because my radio in the car does not work.  It has great reception.  It also has a built-in speaker so it can be used without the ear phone. It holds a charge for about six to eight hours and is easy to chrge on the computer with a USB cable. Charging takes about 2 hours.  It is very lightweight and fits easily into a pocket.  I do not use a cover and have never had a problem with not using one.  It holds many songs and it is easy to add more. I use Sony earphones and the sound is great. The system is also expandable if you want to add more gigabytes of memory.  All in all I would say the Zenex on the Move MP5115-2 MP3 player was a fine investment. 


Buffalo, NY


Memorex - MP5115-2 MP3 player

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