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Memorex - DVD Player

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Memorex DVD - Good Budget DVD Player


I just needed a basic dvd player to connect to my older small tv in the extra bedroom, for when my nieces and nephews come over and want to watch a movie, while the rest of us are downstairs talking. I found this, and ordered it through BBY. Got it in, and started it up, and everything worked just fine. It plays perfectly fine. The picture is normal DVD quality. It plays any DVD I have thrown into it, so no issues there. It has component and composite video, so it is versatile enough to work with newer tvs and older generations. The remote is small, and actually has a pretty good range, better than my old hi def dvd player from toshiba. This was actually pretty important to me because of how the room is setup, so I don't have to get up depending on where I'm sitting. This DVD player definitely does the job, and is a good price for what you get, basic DVD playing capabilities. If that's all you want, this one will be quite sufficient for you. Ease of Use The remote has some buttons in odd places. Also, the remote doesn't have the greatest range.


Oconomowoc, WI


basic fully functioning dvd player


I bought this player in pink from a supercenter type store and it was probably one if the least expensive ones on the shelf. it has never given me any trouble and works great! the remote is kind of small but i was able to program my tv remote to it and i use it that way.


Grosse Pointe, MI


Spend the extra money and get a better DVD then the Memorex


I bought this product because it was cheap and small and I only needed it for my bedroom. Just a nice little DVD player to watch a late night DVD on after the baby went to was supposed to be relaxing. But it wasn't it ended up being a big pain in the butt. The first one I brought home the remote wouldn't work for the life of me...and what good is a DVD player in the bedroom without a remote right? I changed the batteries four times just to make sure it was the remote and it was. Took it back and got another of the same product thinking to myself 'well maybe that one was just a dud' When I finally got the thing on and working I realized that there is a lot I don't like about this particular player. First off you can only pause or stop for about 2 minutes before the player automatically turns off at which point you have to restart the whole thing. THEN once you start it again you have to go to scene selections and rewatch all the beginning programming to get back to where you were on the DVD! I've found this product to be extremely frustrating and I wish I would have spent the extra money to get a better player.


Cambridge, IA


Only lasted for a dozen plays


I bought this DVD player because I'm unemployed and couldn't spend a fortune.  I like that price and the low-profile design, but I found that the remote didn't reach the device well and it stopped playing after only six plays.  Unfortunately, I don't watch many DVDs and by the time it broke, it was out of warranty.  Not a good investment.


Decatur, GA


You get what you pay for in this one!


So, you want to buy a DVD player and save some money in the process? Well, you better think twice on this one....**Lacks in quality and features..**I've been around the DVD player world and back. After my travels, I've decided that, especially on newer players, 2 features are a must, and this player has neither. Need #1: Some sort of upconversion system. Most newer players have 1080i upconversion or at least some technology used to improve a DVD movie's quality to keep up with todays HDTVs. Need #2: HDMI and digital optical output. HDMI is the connection that everything is going to. Would you buy something that is outdated while its still in the box? And, digital optical out is necessary, not because its better than digital coax, but because it's more universally used and will interface with more TVs and home theater systems.**Built very poor..**I know of 2 people who bought this unit and both of them had problems at around 3 months. Good thing for the manufacturer that the warranty is only 90 days! And don't even try to call them, you'll just be wasting your time. Give this player a whirl. Go to the retailer and just do something simple such as eject the tray and listen to the grinding noise. Push a few button and notice the cheap feel. This unit is NOT quality!!


Overton, TX


Easy to use.


While this player was given to me as a Christmas gift, I must say that I have had no problems with it. It is much faster than I thought, and plays more than just DVD's. It is quick to load, and quick to respond to the handset. While it is not that expensive (I'm a comparative shopper), I can safely state that it well surpasses the "cheap" models. The quality is good for the money.


Panorama City, CA


Memorex - DVD Player

2.7 6