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Great Food and a Great Price


I am a retired dog breeder that loves animals. I have two dogs one is 6 months the other is 7 years old. Decided to try exceed and am very impressed. Years ago I went to a dog food seminar and learned a few things. An example being the first on the list of ingredients is the main source of protein. I have noticed a difference with Exceed vs Rachael Ray Nutrish. There is less stool with exceed and the stool is darker which means there is more meat in their food than fillers. This made it easier for me to try and housebreak my puppy. Not totally housebroken yet but I am trying. All that is left for me to say is that it is a good quality dog food at a far less price that other name brands.

Walnutport, Pa. 18088


Decent mid quality food. Good value for the price.


I am a breeder and go through about 4 bags of food per week. "Cheap" just doesn't work well for the long term as just like with all living creatures, dogs will start having skin, coat issues and sometimes other health problems like weakened immune systems, cancer ect. Most health problems are dietary. Having said that, corn is gmo these days and known to cause cancer. Wheat is a known allergen in people and pets. So when looking at labels you will find the that the lowest quality food will have corn as one of the 1st 3 ingredients. I personally prefer no corn but if I can't afford grain free, then I at least want as little grain as possible. Exceed lamb is my top choice for a mid quality food because it has less corn than name brand foods like purina one and it costs less for better food. I prefer not to use the chicken because chickens are routinely fed antibiotics their entire life and it gives some of my dogs hot spots. I honestly prefer Taste of The Wild over most brands because my dogs ALL do excellent on it but thr truth is, I can not always afford to feed them all TOW. So Exceed Lamb and Rice has proven to do well with all of my dogs for the last 5 years without costing me an arm and a leg. Flavor Selection More flavors would be nice as well as having a grain free line. If Exceed did have a grain free line, at an affordable price, I would likely feed it to all of my dogs all of the time.



It is very healthy


I have used this dog food for several years (upon hearing about it) on my first dog, which passed away approximately fifteen years ago. Now, I have used this dog food (both flavors) on my fourteen year old dog. I believe that the most important reason that my first dog lived to be twelve and my current dog is fourteen is because I used Exceed dog food. Two separate veterinarians have told me that this dog food is very good for dogs and to continue its use. I have never been told one negative thing about using this dog food. Unfortunately, the cost of Exceed has increased significantly. It used to be not only an extremely good dog food but also an extremely cost effective dog food. I wish the makers would consider lowering the cost for us dog lovers.

Fenton, MO


Member's Mark Exceed Dog Food

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